your prefect for me!

this story is baout a girl named Emily and the guy is Zayn Malik at the begging of the book Emily and Zayn just had a fight and they felt lost without each other so emily gos to the beach house to apolgize to Zayn and we all know they get back together right? well yes they do they get back together. Lets see where i go with this story
No hate please this is my first book plus there will be ALOT of spelling mistakes lol ENJOY!


4. 5 mintues for breakfest


  The next morning I wake up in Zayns arms. He has a tight grip on me like hes scared to loose me but i like it, it makes me feel procted.  Well I cant get out of his grip so I thought I would wake him up.  I slowly turn around and look at his face. Awe he looks so cute.  I lean in and kisses his lips and his eyes flutter open and he says good morning beatiful and pulls me in and kisses  me again!  Zayn wanna make a bet i said?

zayn:what is the bet?

Me: If u can wake all the boys up in 5 mintuies I will cook breakfest



Zayns POV:

I run into Nialls room and yell at him to get up.

Niall get up now and help me the boys up and em will cook us all breakfest!


Nialls POV:

i wake up to zayn yelling at me to get up and blah blah and em will cook us breakfest.  So i just hoop up outta bed and run to L

iams room well zayn went Harrys than Louis room



Emily Pov:

I yell out 50 secounds left!

and within the nest 20 secounds they are all running down the stairs in there boxers half asleep

Me: awe now i have to cook breakfest! well at least your all up early!

I walk out into the kitchen and look in the fridge i grabbed some eggs,bacon,ham, and hashbrowns

i strated to cook it all and put some toast in the toaster after everything was done i put it all on there plates and grapped one pice of toast for myself and sat at the table

Niall: uhh Emily?

Me: Yes Niall?

Niall:  Why are you only eating a pice of toast

Zayn: Cause em is a vegetarian Niall

Niall:oh? i didnt know that

Me: Ya cause we never really had a meal together we usally just hangout and Harrys and Louis flat and stuff or im gone on a date with the amazing guy right next to me *i look over and kiss Zayn*


me:well im off to get ready.


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