Effortless Love

A girl named Mackenzie also known as Kenzie always have been bullied. She is a beautiful girl but she didn't know that. She secretly were a directioner but she told no one because she was scared that people would judge her. One day on her way home, she was beat up by a group of girls. She was left hanging in the middle of an unknown road. But to her luck, a guy by the name of Liam Payne comes and takes her in his home until she heals but soon falls in love with her. Its up to him to fix her damaged torn heart and rescue her from the living hell she once expirenced...


8. no memory...

Mackenzie's POV: "Kenzie.. wake up..please?" Someone's voice said. I slowly opened my eyes. Where am I? This small white room.. with a tv...and women with white overcoats all around me.

"KENZIE! Your awake!" The voice shouted again. I looked around to find a stranger sitting on my bed beside me. He had brownish hair, brownish eyes, A deep voice, and a calming British accent.

"Who.. who are you? And where am I?" I asked. One of the women in the white coats whispered something into the guys ear. I couldn't hear anything but I knew it was something bad since the guy started to frown.

"Mazkenzie.. do you remember me?" He asked.

"No...?" I replied while thinking very hard.

"I'm Liam? The guy from your favorite band, one direction?" He said calmly. I was thinking really hard but I just couldn't remember who "Liam" is or who "one direction" was.

"I'm sorry, I really don't know.." I replied.

 Liam's POV: I was dying on the inside. I tried not to show my emotional Side, but I couldn't help it. I can't believe that she forgot everything. Everything. Well, mostly everything. The nurses said that she will most likely remember her childhood. After she fainted, she banged her head really hard on the tiled floor. And she was in a coma for 3 days. I was so worried. The nurse said it was okay to bring her home. So I did. I brought her to my house though. I had to carry her on and off the car because she fell asleep. I carried her to one of the guest bed rooms and laid her on the bed and tucked her in. I walked out of the room, sat in the living room and scrolled through the recent call log so I can find her mother's phone number.

"Hello?" Her mother said.

"Hi! This is Liam, remember me from yesterday? I called you yesterday to tell you that your daughter was in the hospital..."

"Oh, yes. Thank you so much for staying by her. I can't leave the house because I just had chemotherapy, and my husband is currently in the air force.  Is she all right?"

"Oh, okay. Don't worry about it! It's my pleasure to be taking care of her. And yes, she is fine. She's currently sleeping in the guest room of my house... if that's okay with you."

"That's no problem...just, please keep her safe. She is still a child at heart..."

"You can trust me, mam'." I said through the phone. I heard the sound of footsteps in the guest room. 

"I think she's awake now, I have to go check on her. Good bye for now!"

"Thank you again, Liam. Good bye." She hung up. 

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