Effortless Love

A girl named Mackenzie also known as Kenzie always have been bullied. She is a beautiful girl but she didn't know that. She secretly were a directioner but she told no one because she was scared that people would judge her. One day on her way home, she was beat up by a group of girls. She was left hanging in the middle of an unknown road. But to her luck, a guy by the name of Liam Payne comes and takes her in his home until she heals but soon falls in love with her. Its up to him to fix her damaged torn heart and rescue her from the living hell she once expirenced...


6. Different from the others

Mackenzie's POV: He walked me out of the forest where they camped. I'm still freaking out since he's Well...Liam Payne. It's like, I'm dreaming. we walked and walked..it seemed like forever. But i didn't mind. I like spending time with him. Not just because hes famous, but he actually cared about me. Finally, we arrived at his car. It was a dark blue Mustang. Woah. My dad has a grey Toyota.. no where near this.

"Nice car." I said, trying to stay sophisticated.

"Haha Thanks. Louis bought it for me for my birthday last year. Before this car, I had a toyota."

"You too?"

"Me too, what?"

"Oh, my dad has a Toyota. Haha"

"Oh cool! I don't really care about buying an expensive car. I mean, as long as it can get you from one place to another, I'm fine with it." Liam laughed. Wow. He wasn't like what anyone would expect out of a celebrity. He was Nice, uncaring about wealth. I already love him. I just never had this sort of feeling before. I think It's just Because I'm hungry Or something.. nope.. that's not it... Is this what people call, love?

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