Effortless Love

A girl named Mackenzie also known as Kenzie always have been bullied. She is a beautiful girl but she didn't know that. She secretly were a directioner but she told no one because she was scared that people would judge her. One day on her way home, she was beat up by a group of girls. She was left hanging in the middle of an unknown road. But to her luck, a guy by the name of Liam Payne comes and takes her in his home until she heals but soon falls in love with her. Its up to him to fix her damaged torn heart and rescue her from the living hell she once expirenced...


5. Asking for premission

Liam's POV: I was waiting for her outside the tent. As soon as I was going to ask If she was Done, she walked out.

"Hey, thanks for everything." She said.

"No need to thank me." I smiled. All the boys were crowding around us with their gleaming eyes And chuckles. I grabbed Mackenzie's hand And took her to where she left her bike, at least there is signal there. I handed her my cellphone to let her call her parents. She dialed her mother's phone number And soon, her mother picked up. "Mom, I can't come home tonight. Is that Okay?" She looked at me with an expression of wanting me to make up an excuse for her to tell her mother.

"Tell them your hanging out with a friend tonight." I quickly said.

 "...Because I'm going to stay at my friends house tonight...Okay I'll stay safe. See you later!" She said through the phone. "Woah..your good at lying." I laughed.

"It's because I have to lie.. everyday because I don't want my parents getting worried because of me. Especially my mom. She has breast cancer." She said.

"Oh I see..But what happened to you? I think that your the most sweetest girl ever. I don't get why anyone would have a reason to dislike you...or, do this to you. " I asked.

"I seriously don't know. People have Been like This to me ever since I was little." She replied. We walked back to the camp with her bicycle where the lads were waiting for us.

"Did you guys make out?" Laughed Harry.

"Shut up.And no we didn't. stop with your nonsense." I was kinda irritated with Harry..

"Hey, can we maybe call this a day? I'm going to take her back home just for her to heal And stuff." I said.

"Only If you give me a cookie." Said Niall laughing.

"We'll see." I replied. 

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