Things change, people change

I never thought things would turn out this way. Everything around me is slowly starting to fade away. It all started when Harry came back from the up all night tour. At first everything was perfect, well at least I thought it was. When fans all over the world found out about me and Harry they started going crazy. Now Harry and the boys are the only friends I've got, my moms always gone for work, my dad left years ago, and my only other friend hates me for dating Harry. But what will happen when they leave? When Harry catches Niall kissing me he runs, nobody knows where he's at we've been looking for days with no sight of Harry. Is he dead?


3. Shocking surprise

After the boys and I went for a swim we all decided to crash at my place. Harry was with me in my room, Louis was in my sisters old room, Liam and zayn were in a guest bedroom, and Niall was in the other guest bedroom that's on the other side of the house. Harry didn't want Niall anywhere near me, since he's still upset about last night.


I turned around and all I saw was a bunch of messy curls. I started playing with his hair until I heard a big bang come from my kitchen, so I leaped out of bed not caring if I woke Harry up. When I got to the kitchen I saw Niall, burned eggs, and 6 broken plates. "Sorry I was trying to make everybody breakfast and I thought I could carry all 6 plates. I'll uh buy you some more plates." Niall said in his cute Irish accent. Maybe I do have some feelings for Niall. "Oh uh no that's ok you don't need to buy more! And thanks for trying to make breakfast that's really sweet of you." I blushed. Suddenly I felt hands wrap around my waist. "Hey babe what are y'all doing down here?" Harry asked with his husky morning voice. "Niall was trying to make everybody breakfast and accidentally broke some plates, isn't that sweet?" I spoke softly and looked him in the eyes I could tell he was jealous. "Oh uh yeah sure I guess, well I'm going back to bed meet me up there when your done." " ok, it shouldn't take that long so ill be up in 5." And with that Harry went upstairs. "He really hates me right now huh?" Niall asked looking sad. " no sweetie, he's just a little over protective of me since we've been best friends for years. Trust me it'll blow over, soon." I said as we finished picking up all the glass. When I walked into my room somebody slapped my face, hard.
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