Things change, people change

I never thought things would turn out this way. Everything around me is slowly starting to fade away. It all started when Harry came back from the up all night tour. At first everything was perfect, well at least I thought it was. When fans all over the world found out about me and Harry they started going crazy. Now Harry and the boys are the only friends I've got, my moms always gone for work, my dad left years ago, and my only other friend hates me for dating Harry. But what will happen when they leave? When Harry catches Niall kissing me he runs, nobody knows where he's at we've been looking for days with no sight of Harry. Is he dead?


1. All about me :)

Hi. I'm amber Thompson. I'm 17 I live in Holmes chapel. My dad left me and my mom when I was 12 because he said work was more important than family, but honestly I don't give a fuck. My moms name is Christina. She's a model, so we have a lot of money, nice cars, and most of all a huge house. I have a 19 year old sister who always takes care of me when my mom is gone for weeks at a time for work. My best friend is Harry styles. Last year he left for the up all night tour, and I miss him so much! The thing is I've been in love with Harry since we meet when we were 14 years old.

"Watch out!" Somebody yelled on the street. As I looked to the side to see what was happening I was knocked to the hard sidewalk. "Oh my god! Im soo sorry! Are you okay?!" The boy asked. "Uh yeah I'm fine. Just a busted lip and a few scrapes on my thigh." I said. "Here I'll take you home." He reached his hand out to help me up. That was when I saw his face. Perfect curls, emerald green eyes, and huge hands. "Thanks" I blushed. As we were walking to my house we talked about everything and soon became best friends. He took me to my room, and I realized my parents were still at work so it was just me and my sister. Harry sat me down on the edge of my bed, and apologized again. "It's fine Harry. Really it's not that bad!" I laughed. He started gliding his hands up my thighs, and stared deeply into my eyes. Then with the other hand he rubbed my lip where the cut was. Then said. "I'm so sorry, lips this perfect shouldn't have a cut on them...the only thing that should be on your lips are mine." And he crashed his lips on mine careful not to hurt my cut. While kissing he kept rubbing my upper thigh, til he slid his hand up my dress. "Woah Woah, we just met not that far yet." I said out of breath.
"Oh, sorry." " oh no it's fine I'm just not ready yet." "Okay, so you want to see a movie tomorrow?" " I'd love to!"
*end of flashback*

After that we didn't take it any farther, and he didn't make a move. So I thought I was officially friend zoned, which I hated because every time I was around Harry I fell more and more in love with him.

Hi this is my first movella! Thanks for reading the next chapter will be up soon! I'm on my iPod so if there's any mistakes I'm really sorry! Please like, favorite, and fan me! Happy New Years!
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