Becca was an ordinary city girl with a love for One Direction, but she would never have guessed that she would get to meet them one day.


1. Goodbye

Kaycee's POV

Two months after I graduated, I moved out with my best friend Emmy, to an apartment in Malibu. My parents gave us money to pay our rent and buy food.

"I'm so excited to be out of San Diego!" Emmy exclaimed. I smiled at her as we pulled up to our new home. Turning off the car, I popped the trunk.

"Gosh, they're so many boxes!" Emmy whined. I laughed and took out one that said 'Kaycee' on it, making my first trip up to our new house on the third floor. Ugh!

Upstairs, I unlocked the door and walked in. I took a deep breath and looked around. Emmy came through the door and dropped one of her boxes on the floor in the living room, gasping for breath.

"Was it really that heavy?" I asked her, laughing. She nodded, still out of breath. I walked out the door laughing when i tripped on a crack and started to fall.

This is the end for me. I thought. Goodbye Emmy, I love you.

But to my surprise, I didn't fall on my face, someone caught me. Thinking I'd open my eyes and look up to see an attractive young man holding me in his arms, but when I did look up, I saw Emmy instead.

"Omigod, are you okay?" Emmy asked me concerened.

"I'm okay," I pouted. Dang it. I started walking downstairs but Emmy stopped me.

"Why don't you start unpacking?" Emmy said pointing inside.

"I really am fine!" I reassured Emmy, annoyed. Gosh. Disapointed, but fine. Emmy arched her eyebrows at me and I groaned, walking inside to start unpacking.


Having me unpack was actually a pretty good idea, because we got it all done in about three hours, which in my family, was a record. We didn't have much, but we were okay with that.

"Okay, where did you put the movies Emmy?" I asked, looking through drawers.

"They're on the top shelf, where is my blanket?" Emmy asked me. Okay, so I said we got it done, not right.

"It's folded and under your bed!" I shouted over to her. I popped in our favorite movie 'Mean Girls' and took out to bowl for our popcorn. The microwave beeped and as I prepared the popcorn, Emmy got our spots on the floor ready. We were a good team, I would think. We've only known each other all our lives.

Emmy plopped down in her spot and I brought her a bowl of popcorn. The movie started and I turned off the lights, laying next to my best friend.


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