Perfect Pitch ?

Nikki has always loved singing. When she got into college she starts an all girl choir group... Her group is not what she expected and it is falling apart. 5 new students: Louis Tomlinson ,,, Harry Styles ,,, Liam Payne ,,, Niall Horan ,,, and Zayn Malik. All 5 of them have beautiful voices and she immediately lets them in the "all girl" group. She begins falling for 2 of the boys and she doesn't know which one to pick. There will be lots of drama (:


4. Who are you?

Chapter 4
Who are you?
Louis POV
I walked into my dorm room and set my boxes on the floor. I saw my roomie sleeping next to some girl on his bed. I groaned and the girl woke up. "Who are you?" She looked confused. "I am Louis Tomlinson your friend's room mate."
"Weren't you suppose to be here yesterday?"
"I guess I am fashionable late." She giggled and got up. The boy woke up.
"Hey man you must be my room mate. My name is Justin you sing?"
"Yeah me and my 4 friends sing together."
"Man you need to join choir." I heard a knock on the door and I got up to get it. I opened the door and saw a beautiful girl. She had black hair and green eyes which goes with her tanned skin. "Um hi. Is my room mate here?" She asked.
"In here Nikki!" She yelled.
"Miss. Feisty is here?" Justin yelled.
"You are here with him Rosie?" She sounded surprise and disgusted at the same time. Rosie came to the door. "Let's go. Bye Justin. I will see you later." The two girls walked out.
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