Perfect Pitch ?

Nikki has always loved singing. When she got into college she starts an all girl choir group... Her group is not what she expected and it is falling apart. 5 new students: Louis Tomlinson ,,, Harry Styles ,,, Liam Payne ,,, Niall Horan ,,, and Zayn Malik. All 5 of them have beautiful voices and she immediately lets them in the "all girl" group. She begins falling for 2 of the boys and she doesn't know which one to pick. There will be lots of drama (:


5. Not funny

Chapter 5
Not Funny
Nikki's POV
Rosie and I were walking back to my dorm room. "So who was that boy in the room with you and Justin?" I asked remembering him because of his striped shirt, blue eyes, and dark brown hair. He was so cute! "Oh Justin's room mate." She said. "He is kinda cute."
"You have Justin." I said more harsh than I wanted. She rose her hands.
"I don't like him. He was just cute… Wait Nikki do you like him??"
"Well he is super cute but I don't know him." I pout and we got to the dorm room and opened the door. Do I like him? I don't even know his name! How could I like him!! But his blue eyes you could just get lost in them. NIKKI SNAP OUT OF IT! I gotta stay focused on school not boys. I took a deep breath and opened a couple of my boxes and started unpacking. "You are unpacking at 9 o'clock?" She laughed and sat on her bed and I nodded. "Gotta do it sometime." I said back to her. "We have to announce who is in choir tomorrow and we don't have classes until Monday." She said. "Wait what is today?" I asked and hung up a poster of Adele. "Friday. Who is that?" She pointed to my poster. "My favorite singer like ever."
"Oh. Well I am going to sleep. I am wore out." She closed her eyes and dozed off as I continued to put up posters and decorate my side of the dorm.
The Next Day
I woke up to Rosie shaking my arm.
"Wake up Nikki. We are late to the meeting." I opened my eyes and got up and starting going through my suitcase looking for clothes.
"Why didn't you wake me up earlier!!!" She burst out laughing and fell on the bed.
"I am just kidding. We have another hour. I thought it would have been funny to see you run around." I glared at her.
"Not funny."
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