Perfect Pitch ?

Nikki has always loved singing. When she got into college she starts an all girl choir group... Her group is not what she expected and it is falling apart. 5 new students: Louis Tomlinson ,,, Harry Styles ,,, Liam Payne ,,, Niall Horan ,,, and Zayn Malik. All 5 of them have beautiful voices and she immediately lets them in the "all girl" group. She begins falling for 2 of the boys and she doesn't know which one to pick. There will be lots of drama (:


3. Do I have to audition

Chapter 3
Do I have to audition
I just entered the auditorium with Rosie and saw Justin and a group of guys on sitting in chairs. Justin winked at me and I sarcastically blew him a kiss and he caught it. "Ugh. I just met him and I don't like him." I said. Me and Rosie sat down in chairs pretty close to the stage.
"Okay! First we are going to have the boys audition. You are going to sing Girl On Fire." I yelled and walks out a really nerdy looking boy. "My name is Ian." He took off his glasses and he looked a little bit cuter.
"She's just a girl and she is on fire. Hotter than a fantasy lonely like a highway." He sang. He was actually pretty good.
A Few Hours Later
I am just now getting back to my dorm room on Rosie's back. "Rosie I am so exhausted!" I groaned.
"Yet you are on my back." I got off her back once she said that and I laid on my bed and looked at my side of the dorm: boxes, boxes, and more boxes. I groaned again and got up and walked over to my suitcase and got out my pjs. "I am going to take a shower." I walked out of the room and into the bathroom. Why is there co Ed bathrooms! Ugh I walked into the bathroom and a girl singing Since You Been Gone. She is really good. That is what we need for the choir group. I walked over where her shower was and opened it. "You sing really good. Why didn't you come to auditions?" I asked and she screamed. "Get out!" She yelled at me. "We really need you in our choir group." I said. "Do I have to audition?" She asked nervous. "You just did." I walked out of her shower.
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