Perfect Pitch ?

Nikki has always loved singing. When she got into college she starts an all girl choir group... Her group is not what she expected and it is falling apart. 5 new students: Louis Tomlinson ,,, Harry Styles ,,, Liam Payne ,,, Niall Horan ,,, and Zayn Malik. All 5 of them have beautiful voices and she immediately lets them in the "all girl" group. She begins falling for 2 of the boys and she doesn't know which one to pick. There will be lots of drama (:


2. Cray cray year?

Chapter 2
Cray cray year?
2 Weeks Before
I carried my stuff into my dorm and saw that my roomie was already unpacked and on her laptop mashing up songs. I walked over to her and tapped her on her shoulder. She turned around quickly with her fists up. I backed away in surrender. "You must be my.... Roomie." I lower my hands and smiles at her. She nodded and got up. "What were you doing?" I asked sitting on my bed. "Just mashing up some songs on my laptop." She says and walks back over to her laptop. "Do you think I can listen to some?" I ask her. I stand up over walk over to her and notice all of the DJ supplies on the table hooked up to her laptop. She nodded and handed me a pair of beats. I put them on and she played a mash up of Glad You Came and Want You Back. Even though I am American I noticed both songs. I started singing to Glad You Came and my roomie started singing to Want You Back. We actually sounded good together and made a beautiful melody. We stopped and I looked into the mirror. I have black hair with green eyes which matches my Mexican skin perfectly and I looked and got a good look at my roomie and she was beautiful. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and dimples. "I... Uh... Never got your name." I said and layed on the bed.
"Oh! Yeah Rosie!" She said and stuck her hand out. "I am Nikki." I shook it. "Are you American?" She asked. I nodded. "That explains your accent." I laughed and layed on my bed. "I am so tired." I groaned. "I just met you." She said and walked over to me. I thought she was going to sing Call Me Maybe so I started singing. "And this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe!!" She looked at me with a smirk on her face and burst out laughing. "What song was that? It is ridculous!!" She asked still laughing.
"Here I will show you." I said and pulled up the song on my phone and started playing it. She laughed harder when she heard the original version. "American music?" She asked. I nodded. "Ahh that explains it." She walked over to the door. She stopped and gestured for me to follow her so I got up and followed her. "This is where you can sign up for clubs." She said and walked straight over to the DJ section. I walked to see 2 girls in a heated argument.
"I hate this bloody club and you!" One girl yelled.
"I never asked to be in this club anyway. You made us lose finals last year!!"
"How about we just give up on this?" She had grabbed a whistle thing that was in her pocket and threw it. It was coming straight to me so I caught it. The two girls looked at me. "You take over the club." She pointed at me when she says you.
"What club is it?" The girls laughed when they heard my American accent.
"The only girl choir group on campus and now you are in charge of it." They walked off leaving me confused and girls started to crowd around me asking the be in the group. I heard a whistle and Rosie was blowing it. Saved by Rosie. "Okay! Make 2 lines people. 1 to the left which you are new to campus and the other line to the right if this isn't your first year." The girls hurriedly got into the lines. "Thank you!" I mouthed to Rosie and she smiled at me. I ran behind the booth. "Okay! Auditions are going to be at 5PM in the auditorium." I yelled so all the girls could hear. After I said that a cute boy with light brown hair and brown eyes. He leaned against the booth. "Sorry to interrupt but I am actually not and you can't have auditions at 5." He looked at me and winked. "And why exactly not asshole?" I winked back at him.
"We got a feisty leader this time! Ouch! I am having my people audition at 5." He stood up straight.
"Hey you are American. Thank god I thought I was the only one." I sighed. He looked at me weirdly. Rosie stepped up. "Justin back off. We will just combine our auditions." She rolled her eyes and started handing out a paper to all the girls. Justin glared at Rosie and then looked at me and walked off. I walked over to Rosie and grabbed the rest of the papers from her and passed them out. "5 o'clock don't forget!" I said and the girls walked off. "So can you explain this to me?" I asked and we started walking back to our dorm room. "I guess you are in charge of the all girl choir group. We go compete at contests and last year was our first year and one girl had threw up on one girl and then we got so embarrassed and we got last place too." Wow. This is going to be one crazy year
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