Perfect Pitch ?

Nikki has always loved singing. When she got into college she starts an all girl choir group... Her group is not what she expected and it is falling apart. 5 new students: Louis Tomlinson ,,, Harry Styles ,,, Liam Payne ,,, Niall Horan ,,, and Zayn Malik. All 5 of them have beautiful voices and she immediately lets them in the "all girl" group. She begins falling for 2 of the boys and she doesn't know which one to pick. There will be lots of drama (:


1. How did we get here?

Chapter 1
Nicole's POV
I am crying in a hospital chair in Zayn's hospital room. He is in a coma. I haven't left his side since the 3 days he has been in here. I can't seem to stop crying. "How did we get to this Zayn? How?" I asked him knowing I won't get an answer. I grabbed his hand and continued crying and just 2 weeks ago I was just entering college.
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