Shut up and kiss me!

Georgia, a normal teenage girl who is obsessed with the one and only One Direction. She had been saving up for their concert since she saw them for the first time. She finally had enough to go when the prices are lifted to heaps more. She worked hard daily as a singer. She busked after school everyday then went home to scrub floors and look after her two self centred sisters who were spoiled rotten.

One night she logs onto her laptop to find out she has won a free ticket to go around the world with one direction. She packs her bag and runs to the airport. When she arrives there she buys her ticket to London to start her adventure.

Will there be a love life for Georgia? If there is will it be to much? What will happen when the whole tour is over? Will they ever see each other again?


5. Truth or dare

I woke up to some one pushing on my shoulder. "Oh my gosh Sophie I had the best dream! I was going on your with one direction and sitting next to NIALL!!!!" I opened my eyes to have strange looks. "Oh ah um just encore what I just said ha ha" Niall laughed along with the others. I felt a bit embarrassed. I could feel my cheeks getting hot. I smiled and changed the subject. "What ya doing?" I said." Georgia we woke you up because we need to have lunch! We were waiting for you but you weren't going to wake up so we did." Niall said. "Oh ok what time is it?" "3pm" Harry said. I heard Niall's tummy rumbling. "Sorry Niall. Guys lets eat!!" "Yes wait! Did you hear that?" "Yes it was your tummy!"

The flight attendant came and took my plate and cup. "Best tacos ever! Good choice hazza!" He smiled and took a bow. He then got up and left on the phone. Probably his girlfriend. Everyone was texting playing games and talking on the phone. Harry came back. "Guys guess what?!?? Lexi is coming on tour with us!!" I shot my head up. "Wait your girlfriend Lexi?!?!" "Uhh yeah!" I was so excited to meet her!! "I forgot to tell you also that Lara is coming"Liam said. "So is Tamara" said Louis. I was freaking out. I was going to meet the boys girlfriends!!!!!!! Except for Niall and Zayn. I obviously looked like an idiot cause everyone asked if I was okay. "Well we will have to see about that!" I said. They all laughed and Harry came up with the idea to play truth or dare. "Okay! Who goes first?" I said Niall put up his hand and said "Alright Georgia truth or dare?" "Ummmm.........truth? Yeah truth." Niall pulled his thinking face. He then looked up with a smile on his face which I knew was his question. "Okay Georgia......." He stopped his smile faded.

Niall's pov:

"Okay Georgia...." I thought to myself as I said that is it a good idea. I had to think of another question. I wasn't into this game anymore since I couldn't ask that very question. I just kept it simple. "Are you afraid of spiders?" She nodded her head and answered "yes I am and when there's a spider in my house I no longer scream like a maniac unless it touching me I now go u to it and day Mr Spider if you want to live in my house you have to pay rent." We all laughed. She smiled.

"Can we do something else?" Liam said. "Yeah let's watch a movie!!" Said Georgia and Harry at the same time. I was waiting for Liam wait for it! Wait for it! "TOYSTORY!!!" And there it is! We all searched through the movies we had brought. Liam went strait to his bag and pulled out a safe. Oh my gosh what is he doing now?!?

Georgia's pov:

Liam pulled out a safe! Why would he have a safe!?!? He fiddled with the pun thing and then opened it to another safe. "Liam what are you doing?" "Nothing!" He answered to me. He opened up the safe and pulled out all the toy story movies. You gotta be kidding me! "I got the TV working so Liam give me the movies!" Said Louis dramatically pulling his hand towards Liam pulling his face to the side. Liam passed them to him. "Be carefull!" Liam said. We all laughed. We closed the small blinds down and watched the movie. I snuggled up to Niall half way through it falling asleep on his shoulder. I am so happy I won this comp! Billions of girls would kill to be in my place right now. But it's me! I don't want this tour to end!
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