Shut up and kiss me!

Georgia, a normal teenage girl who is obsessed with the one and only One Direction. She had been saving up for their concert since she saw them for the first time. She finally had enough to go when the prices are lifted to heaps more. She worked hard daily as a singer. She busked after school everyday then went home to scrub floors and look after her two self centred sisters who were spoiled rotten.

One night she logs onto her laptop to find out she has won a free ticket to go around the world with one direction. She packs her bag and runs to the airport. When she arrives there she buys her ticket to London to start her adventure.

Will there be a love life for Georgia? If there is will it be to much? What will happen when the whole tour is over? Will they ever see each other again?


4. Goodbye Australia

I packed my bags as soon as I found out. I pulled out my bigeye suit case. Okay phone? Check! Cloths? Check! Laptop? Check! The list went on until I had everything packed. I pulled my suitcase to the end of the bed and checked when I had to leave. Tomorrow. I got my passport ready and sat it with my handbag. I let my phone charge after I called Sophie. "Hey what's going on?" She said I laughed and said in a calm tone "I am going on your with One Direction!" She screamed and said congrats and hung up. I went down to have dinner. This was the only job I didn't have to do. Except for the cleaning up. Tonight we are having sushi by the looks. Thank goodness they ordered it not made it. I took one bight and was in heaven.

Clang! The dishes made as I stacked them in the rack to be dried. Once I was finished I made my way to bed since the flight leaves at nine. I hoped in and was asleep in seconds. Dreaming about how the tour would be like wasn't hard I just had to think about it and then dream.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!! The alarm clock made I turned it off before anyone else could hear. They would be sound asleep right now. I got up and called Sophie. I was planing on calling round so she could come with me to take my car back to her place for me. Who knows what the others might do to it. She answered slowly "hey Georgia I had this amazing dream that you won that comp!" She said. "That wasn't a dream and could I call round so when we arrive at the airport you can take my car back? To your place though!?" "Sure!" "Cool be there soon about ten minutes. See ya soon!" I said and hung up. I quickly got dressed and then got my shoes on. I grabbed my bag lifting it out to my car. So I wouldn't forget it later. I placed it in the boot and walked back inside. I ate my breakfast and write a not saying I had left for a few months. I left it on the bench and left. I walked outside and hopped into the car putting my hand bag on the passenger seat. I drove over to Sophie who was waiting out the front for me. "I am going to miss you! Tell Zayn about me! Give him my number! DON'T FORGET!!" She said as she hopped in the car. I laughed "sure".

"Bye!" I said. Sophie reared up which made me tear up. "Have fun and call me everyday k?!" "Okay miss you heaps gotta go that's my flight!" I ran to the lady at the desk and told her my name. She walked over to me and said "follow me!" She walked me over to a gate and walked me in. "A PRIVATE JET!?!?!" I said almost screaming. She nodded. When she left heads popped up. "Hello we are one direction!" They each said I almost screamed. Almost. I walked over to shake their hands. "Georgia!" I said. They smiled " we know now you got that seat down there!" Louis said pointing to the chair that had the biggest window. There was a spare seat that I put my bag on. I buckled up and when I looked over to turn off my phone I saw some one standing there with a piece of paper in his hand. "If you don't mind moving your bag this is my seat!" He said I smiled up to Niall. Ahhhh Niall horan was sitting next to me on a flight that takes like over a day!!!!!! " um sure here you are!" I said moving my bag. He smiled again and sat down. The flight soon took off and the first five minutes we were in stitches laughing at a joke Louis had pulled.

I looked out my window and could see water. Goodbye Australia I will miss you! I said to myself. Then fell asleep.
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