Shut up and kiss me!

Georgia, a normal teenage girl who is obsessed with the one and only One Direction. She had been saving up for their concert since she saw them for the first time. She finally had enough to go when the prices are lifted to heaps more. She worked hard daily as a singer. She busked after school everyday then went home to scrub floors and look after her two self centred sisters who were spoiled rotten.

One night she logs onto her laptop to find out she has won a free ticket to go around the world with one direction. She packs her bag and runs to the airport. When she arrives there she buys her ticket to London to start her adventure.

Will there be a love life for Georgia? If there is will it be to much? What will happen when the whole tour is over? Will they ever see each other again?


2. Disappointment.

The bell rang for lunch FINALLY! I quickly packed up my things and ran towards the door. I opened it to find Sophie waiting there for me. I hate how we aren't in the same class. She smiled when I came out and walked with me down to my bag. I put my books away and lifted the bag to my back. We walked down to our regular spot on the oval. We sat right at the back next to a farm. Last time we checked the guy was called Mr Brown. We liked to scare the cows and ocational kangaroos. Yes we made a fool of ourselves but that is what we do and no one could see us unless they sat up here with us. I plonked my bag down and sat on the grass. I pulled out my phone and was looking through it. I typed into the Internet one direction concert tickets. It finally loaded and my eyes almost popped out when I saw they had put up the prices. I was working all the time as it is and I only have enough for the fuel for the car ride! I was extra disipointed. Now I had to wait for their next album to come out before I have enough money. I turned my phone off and started to eat my lunch.

"MOOOOO!!!" Sophie was moking the cows. How was I even friends with her?!? I laughed as a bunch came running to the fence. She thought they were charging at her so she ran and screamed. I wish I got it on tape. She grabbed her bag and fiddled with the chains on it. The bell went. One more lesson till the end of the day. YES!! I helped Sophie up and we walked to our next class. We both were in the same math class so we were going to have some fun this lesson. We pulled out our books and pencil cases and walked up to our class. I hated the topic we were doing. Ugh fractions! Why do they have to exist?! I am pretty sure if I paid attention Mr Funnel would know. I sat down and we had to watch a whole movie on the history of fractions. Yay! Sophie and I moaned. We decided to write things down in our books. We usually used the back of our books for this. We had pages and pages of plain stupid things which made us laugh.

"Well that was fun wasn't it?" I said to Sophie as we put our bags in the boot. We were heading down town. I needed more money. I set up on the corner of a garden in the Main Street. I was singing love story, summer love, gotta be you and safe and sound. The street was packed today so I have to get some good money. I had two hours up my sleeve. Sophie was going shopping for her mums birthday preasnt while I busked. By the end I had a total of $100 YES! This will get my accommodation in Sydney. Now I need a bit more for shoping, emergancy, food and taxi's. I will also need some tickets. I pushed my dirty blonde curly hair back and packed up.

"See you tomorrow Sophie!" I said. She waved and left. I drove back home and walked inside to a complete dump. "What happened? This place was spotless when I left!!!!" I said to the girls who were on the couch painting their nails. I feel so sorry for their husbands one day! I started cleaning and within hours both floors were done! I walked upstairs did my home work and wet to bed. Maybe I will have an even better dream tonight!
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