Shut up and kiss me!

Georgia, a normal teenage girl who is obsessed with the one and only One Direction. She had been saving up for their concert since she saw them for the first time. She finally had enough to go when the prices are lifted to heaps more. She worked hard daily as a singer. She busked after school everyday then went home to scrub floors and look after her two self centred sisters who were spoiled rotten.

One night she logs onto her laptop to find out she has won a free ticket to go around the world with one direction. She packs her bag and runs to the airport. When she arrives there she buys her ticket to London to start her adventure.

Will there be a love life for Georgia? If there is will it be to much? What will happen when the whole tour is over? Will they ever see each other again?


7. A/N

Hey guys! My friend 1Dful_coxy is having a comp! If you win you get to be the main character in her next fan fiction! Who wouldn't want to do that!!! She is an AMAZAYN writer and YOU could be the main character of one of her awesome books! All you gotta do is pick who you wanna be with out of Zayn or Harry. Go to one of books about 1D or just write to her one her page thingy.

Write your name (last name optional)
Your appearance
What you would wear on a date under the Eiffel Tower

Remember her name is 1Dful_coxy and you could be the main character of her amazayn story's!!
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