Shut up and kiss me!

Georgia, a normal teenage girl who is obsessed with the one and only One Direction. She had been saving up for their concert since she saw them for the first time. She finally had enough to go when the prices are lifted to heaps more. She worked hard daily as a singer. She busked after school everyday then went home to scrub floors and look after her two self centred sisters who were spoiled rotten.

One night she logs onto her laptop to find out she has won a free ticket to go around the world with one direction. She packs her bag and runs to the airport. When she arrives there she buys her ticket to London to start her adventure.

Will there be a love life for Georgia? If there is will it be to much? What will happen when the whole tour is over? Will they ever see each other again?


6. 1 more hour!!

Georgia's pov:

Wow we only have 1 hour left of this plane trip. That went fast. Very fast. I hopped up to ho to the bathroom. I just needed to fix my hair and brush my teeth. I am surprised these boys were okay seeing my hair the way it is. I mean they didn't even laugh! I pulled out my brush and started brushing all the knots out. It took forever. But I did I get it done. I left my hair out and stuck in my favourite headband my grandma gave me. I pulled out my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. As I was about to leave I was thinking to myself make up. Do I need it? I then shrugged my shoulders. I am pretty enough without it. When I walked out I put my things away and sat down. Niall was in the middle of doing a twitcam. He told me to come over so I did. I was over near Harry asking about Lexi and how she was. I REALLY wanted to meet her. I tried to stay casual but Harry could see I was excited. I walked over to Niall and sat down in my seat. "Yes Niall?!" I said. He skooched over and faced the laptop to me. "Hi I am Georgia!" I said waving to the camera. We both talked to the fans for a while until we were told to put it away science we are going into landing. I looked out my window and screamed "LONDON!" I have never traveled before. I really wanted to go to Paris but London was third best. Ireland is secound of course. All the boys looked to me as I pulled out my camera and took a photo. They all laughed and then told me to buckle up.

The plane had landed and we now had our bags and was heading to the car. We had to not ecnore but you know couldn't see the the directioners we had to get around them since you were on a busy squedual. I hopped into the black van and sat down. Niall was next to me. YAY!

Really sorry this chapter is REALLY short but I thought I would be a nice person and update since I don't know when I might be able to update next. But look at the bright side this is better then nothing right? :) and thanks for reading! And thank you for the really nice comments!
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