In a whirlpool of drama and hatred these two lost souls miraculously find their way to each other.


1. What if..?

"Brylnn!" I hear my dad call from down the stairs. I jump off my bed and run downstairs jumping onto my dad pulling him into a hug. I only see my dad once a year because of his work field and when I do see him I make sure to spend as much time with him. He smells like old man cologne and even though I can't stand the smell of old people I'll endure it just to hug him. I jump down and he kisses my forehead.

"Daddy!" I hug his waist again. He has changed so much, that scruffy beard that makes his face look fatter than it is and the green eyes that were once hazel. He ran his fingers through my hair and smiled.

"Where is Tinley?"

"She went off to college dad. about three months ago. No one called?" he shook his head.

"You guy's are growing up so much."

"Dad I'm only 17. I'm not that old."

"Where's mom?"

"Work." He nods.

"Well I'm gonna go get unpacked." he kisses my cheek and goes down the hall into his and my moms room. I go back upstairs and grab my phone off the dresser and dial my best friend Layla's number.

 My Dad's home. Stop by?

Yep I'm on my way!

I drop it and go back downstairs where my dad is in the kitchen drumming through the fridge.

"Hungry?" he looks up.

"No I'm just...looking for a quick snack."

"Oh." I sit down on one of the stools lined up across the island. "Well Layla is going to be here in a few you haven't seen her in a while."

"Yeah, how is she doing? She pregnant yet?"

"Dad! No she's not pregnant. She misses you."

"Yeah I miss her too." The doorbell rings and I quickly get up to answer it. It's Layla. I give her a hug and she comes in. Layla has been my best friend since I was six and has always lived right next door to me. Her and my dad have a sort of love/hate father/daughter bond. She comes into the kitchen running over to him. He pulls her into a hug.


"Dan!" He pulls away.

"I see you are perfectly the same as the last time I've seen you."

"And your....scruffily" She says playing with his beard. We all sit there catching up for a bit then Layla breaks the steady awkwardness of our conversation. "Hey, you wouldn't mind if Bry went to a friendly outing with me. Would you?"

"As long as this friendly outing stayed P-G 13 and ended at 12:00."

"Well what if this friendly outing ended at 1:00 and I brought back a souvenir..."

"I'd say no. 12:00 or nothing."

"Thanks dad. If mom says anything tell her...I'm just with Layla." I go upstairs and grab my phone and we head out. We go to Layla's house running upstairs and throwing open her closet. If my mom and dad ever knew what I really did I would be locked up tight and the key would have been thrown away.

"Zach is going to be there..." She said poking my side. Zach was my boyfriend...okay so not really but I wanted him to be. He was so hot and I just wanted him all to myself and for no one else. I grinned and took off my shirt.


"And you know you want him and he he wants you!"

"No he doesn't."

"Yeah. He kinda does." i roll my eyes and pull on my black tight fitted dress that was a little skimpy and pulled off my pants.

"Well I heard Zayn's there so you know, you two can fuck."

"Why do give other people advice about sex when your a virgin? I just don't understand."

"Because I can." She grabbed her phone and we went out to her car. I made sure no one was outside and I booked it to the car. When we finally got there we cut through the back and slipped inside through the door and went into the kitchen. This house belonged to an olde friend of mine that I didn't talk to that much anymore but i mean we were friends we can't just cut off from each other like that. His name is Niall, I guess you could call him the Irish- British wanna-be. It's so god damn loud in here it's making my brain melt. I see him standing at his fireplace with some blonde slut. I make my way through the crowd over to him ditching Layla and grab his hand kissing him.

"Hey Nialler." The girl looks at us and smiles."Who's she?" I say cocking my head to the side.

"That's Tabby." She smiled walking way. "Really Bry? what if I really liked her?"

"Then oops." I say laughing.

"Your not funny."

"Oh I think I am hilarious." He shakes his head walking away. "Niles are you mad a me?"

"No, you just piss me off."

"Sorry." I stop in my tracks glancing over at Zach who is walking this way. He looks at me smiling. " Don't you dare. Go talk to Layla or something." I say pointing randomly.. He eyes me and slowly backs away getting swallowed into the crowd.

"Hey, Brylnn." I turn back to him.

" Hey Zach-a-rooni." I say slightly tapping his shoulder. He smiles at me.

"Your the cutest girl."

"Aww well I try." I say shrugging. I catch a glimpse of Niall standing next Zayn and Harry, another one of our long time friends, pointing over to me. Well If Niall's here then where was Liam and Louis, I thought but my thoughts were interrupted by the touch of Zach's hand on my cheek. I jump giggling.

"Hey you want to go upstairs and talk. I can't hear you."

"Sure." I say as he takes my hand. Niall and the boys look over at me glaring at us. He mouths "What are you doing?" and mouth back "Talking" he shakes his head and waves me back downstairs. I shrug. There was nothing i could do I already agreed. He took me upstairs opening the door to Niall's room. He went and sat down pulling me down beside him.

"You look so beautiful tonight, Brylnn." I smile looking down.

"Thanks. You do too. You know look hot." I shut up cause I know  I'm making myself sound really dumb. he leans in kissing me. I pull away tasting and smell a heavy dose of alcohol.

"Are you drunk?"

"No I'm fine." He pulls me into the kiss. "Are you gonna kiss me?'

"Not when your drunk so you won't remember what happened in the morning." He shakes his head.

"Come on, don't be such a prude." I get up and go to leave. He gets up tagging along behind me and as I go to open the door he slams the door. i turn my head.

"Stop! Let go." My heart began to pound as I went to turn. The smell of alcohol became more and more distinct and for a minute I questioned how long he had been at this party and what Niall had done set in sending my heart into flurries. I push my back against the wall ducking underneath him. He grabs me by my arm pulling me close. "what are you doing?"

"Kiss me!" He said pulling me close to him pushing his lips against mine. I pushed his face away.

"Stop it! Your disgusting!" He pushed me down onto the bed and I felt the pain course through my body at the force. He climbed up on top of me, pushing my face down into his. I felt his hand slip up my shirt and felt on me. I kicked and clawed at him but nothing would work.

"Please Zach! Please!" He yanked up my dress ripping my underwear. I pushed myself away but I could already feel him there and I when  went  to scream I could feel the pain of it ripping through me, making everything in sight send my into rage. As he ripping through me all i could think to do was kill him , all I wanted to do was kill him. I heard Niall's voice and the frantic yelling of Zayn. the last thing I saw was Zayn dragging him away and Niall and Harry coming to my side.

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