In a whirlpool of drama and hatred these two lost souls miraculously find their way to each other.


3. Left Turn On Misery Avenue

"How you holding up?" Layla says coming into my room shutting the door behind her and sitting on the bed patting my leg. I blow a long drag of air out my lips and bite on my lip. The way she was looking at me made me really uneasy! I moved around trying avoid her gaze, I didn't want to talk about and i knew she knew that but she would not stop pushing. "Your gonna have to talk about."

"I got the hint after the first 15 text you sent me."

"People say that rape victims are the most likely people to commit suicide."

"I'm not gonna kill myself just because some guy that I liked and trusted took advantage of me. I'll just watch what I do and who I talk to."

"You do know your going to have to go to the police eventually because Zach is looking for you and he's pretty serious shit." I pause for a second and let out a breath making my body go limp.Zach was looking for me, but for what? My heart began to race forty miles per hour and I started to grow cold.

"Why is he looking for me?"

"Because you two had an encounter..." She says nodding so I can get the hint.

"But I won't say anything, I'm not going to the police."

"He thinks you are, so you better go and tell the cops before something happens, Zayn said to tell you that-"

"Zayn? Wait Zayn sent you up here to tell me that..?"

"Well yeah but-"

"Wow way to manipulate me. Is he that desperate for me to go to the police that he would send you up here to get me scared into going?"

"No, Zayn's scared for you and your not making it any better."

"So your on his side?"

"No, Bry. I'm just saying that the best thing for you to do is to-"

"The best thing for you to do is to leave."

"Are you serious?"


"Wow, all people want to do is to help you, and your acting like those bitches in movies who go right back to their boyfriends after they beat them within an inch of their lives! Fine you can keep your depressing shitty thoughts and have a depressing shitty life what do I care!" She got up stormed out the door slamming it. A picture and a few of my decorations on my dresser fell off onto my floor smashing onto the ground. I had no reaction, it didn't phase me one bit. Everything in my life was slowly falling apart and now I couldn't fix it. Zayn and Layla thought I was a horrible person and I had no one else to turn to. At a moment like this I wish my brother Hunter was here and not a thousand miles away at some pristine college in Florida. I was full of tears and I couldn't hold them in anymore. I sat there and let the tears roll down my cheeks.My sister came in and looked at me for a while.

"Are you okay? Layla was pretty pissed off when she left."

"I'm fine." I say with a slight smile. She came in and sat down pulling me into a hug.

"Don't lie to me Brylnn Eve Folese. Somethings up and I know it"  She was determined to know and I knew she was one of the only people I could tell that wouldn't judge me or rat me out, the others would be Niall, Harry, and Louis. Zayn and Liam were a bit of "you tell me I'll tell the world" kinda people. I looked at her and immediately broke down in tears.

"You have to promise me not to tell mom or dad about anything, I mean anything you erase all of your memory after this point in the conversation."


"Or anyone else."


"Or the police."

"Okay!" I took a deep breath and let everything flood out not caring about how much I said.

"Well me and Lala snuck off to a party at Niall's and there, well you know how I like Zach Newman, like a lot a lot?" she nods." well he was there and I was kidding around with Niall and I left Layla and she went somewhere I don't know but I couldn't find her and Zach came to talk to me. We chatted for a few minutes and he took me upstairs. I thought to talk and all but he was drunk and he started to kiss me. Now I know how big of a dumb-ass I am and that to never go alone with a boy at a party. You never do that, okay?" she nods real intent on what I was saying."and then he tried kissing me and I wouldn't do so he...forced me into..." I moved my hand around."it." Her face went completely pale and we sat there for a minute. She just sat there with her mouth gaped open."Well say something!"

"I'm speechless."

"I feel like it's all my fault and Zayn and Layla are mad at me."

"Why? They shouldn't be mad at you."

"I won't go to the cops."


"Because of our parents and i just don't want to be dragged into all of that."

"All of what? I don't agree with them but I don't necessarily agree with you. But I'm only 14 how much would I know?" she gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to leave. "I won't tell anyone I promise." I sat there for a while and then got up and went downstairs. my mom and dad were snuggling in the couch watching 16 candles. I quietly slipped out the door and walked down our street, the moon reflecting down on the treetops making the shadows dance down the rode. I pulled my coat closer to my body heading straight for Niall's house and not caring how long it would take me to get there. I was tired of everyone telling me how bad a decision I was making I would go and I would make everyone happy, that's all they cared about was their happiness not mine! I couldn't stop crying the whole way thinking about how much trouble I would be in and what everyone would say when they found out, I was a damsel in distress and I hated it! I hated every part of it! It took me a while to get there, the moon was directly above me. I knocked rather loudly. It took a few minutes for me to finally hear the footsteps trailing to the door. It opened with a click and out popped a blonde girl her hair in a pool around her face.

"Hello is Niall home?" She looked at me for a moment and then smiled.

"Yeah he's in bed right now, is it important?"

"Very. I'm not here to have a fling with him or anything if your one of the girls he's with I'm a very close friend and Niall is like brother to me so I would never think of him in that way. Something happened a few days a go and I just need to talk to him. Can I do that." She was quiet for a minute and then she finally stepped aside.

"Yeah, come in. And I'm not with him. he's just really...sad."

"Oh.." I stalked down the hall and burst into his room. He jumped up and looked at me for a while.

"Bry? What are you doing here it's 1 in morning."

"Everyone hates me."

"No one hates you!" I nob crying and he holds out his arms to me and I fall into him. He rubs my head.

"I'm ready to go to the police."

"Are you sure?" I nod.

"Just because Zayn's want's you to-"

"It's not just Zayn. It's my sister and Layla and everyone! Zayn says that Zach's looking for me."

"Are you serious?" I nod"Why? He got what he wanted, he just needs to lay off." I feel his hand clinch into a fist. I grab it and massage it until it's flat again."If he hurts you I will kill him!" I look up at him and shakes my head.

"He won't we're going to go to the police first thing after school."

"A lot of things can happen between now and then." He rubs on my cheek and looks deeper into my eyes. This was getting very intense and for some reason I just wanted to kiss him. I rubbed him on my fingers on his hand. "I don't won't anything to happen to you. You have been the closet thing I've had since everything happened and I can't lose you, or have anything happened to you!" I pulled into him and gave him a hug, digging my body hard into him.he pulled my face up to his and kissed me. I didn't pull away, I didn't want to! This was the first thing close to love that I've been close to this entire month. We finally pulled away for a breath and he looked me in the eyes."Bry. I think I love you."


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