Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


11. Tour again


I woke up next to Louis and remembered the night I had before. I smiled at him, he must have felt my stare or something and woke up too. He smiled at me and kissed my neck.

"Damn! You romantic devil!" I yelled.

"Guilty" he said. 

"Well, Im gonna go take a shower."

"cant i come with you?" his eyes were so perfect staring at me

"if you hurry!" And i ran off up the stairs. Why did I even try to outrun him?! He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder carrying me into the bathroom. He started kissing me, putting his tongue inside my mouth while I did the same. He took off his shirt and then helped me with mine. We undressed the rest of the way and got in the shower. He kissed my collar bone and neck, before slapping my ass.

"Louis!" I yelled. All he did was laugh. We finished up and got out, Louis chased me around the house while we were both naked..Then the paparazzi showed up, he pulled me into his room and locked the door, kissing me all over again.We layed down on the bed and pulled the covers over us.


I woke up next to an empty bed. "Where the hell did that troll go this time?!" I laughed as i got dressed, remembering last nights little experience. I walked down stairs and there was Louis in his underwear making breakfast. 

"Since when can you cook?" I asked

"Since..um, i don't know lets hope the house doesn't burn down!" he said. Louis, why so perfect? It was almost un-real. Once again the thought of me actually dating a one direction member came to my mind. You know what? I wasn't dating a one direction member, I was dating Louis. And i loved him whether he was famous or not.  

"Is the paparazzi still here?" i asked

"Kinda, but its mainly the fans now."

"When are they gonna leave"

"Oh they will soon"

"Okay!" I walked into the kitchen and had some small meaningless conversations with him.

"Why do you think a lot of people like the color blue?" he asked

"How am i supposed to know?!" I laughed.

He left his food and we just looked each other in the eyes for a good 5 minuets. Then the fire alarm went off.

"Um, Louis?" I said pointing to the stove

"Shit" he yelled leaping for the fire extinguisher. When he was done putting out the fire he turned around and sprayed me with it.

"DAMMIT!" I yelled and reached for flour, dumping it on his head

"Oh know you didnt..." he said grabbing a muffin

"FOOD FIGHT!" I yelled and dove behind the island, no help at all because next thing i know i have a cracked egg on my head. The fight lasted for a hour and i ended up straddling him on the floor.

"Okay okay you win!" he yelled

"Thats what i thought!" I said getting up.

"ugh, looks like we have a mess to clean up" he said. I looked around and shit he was right

"Better get to it!" I said as he picked me up and carried me into the kitchen. Half the day later we finished.

"I'm taking a shower" I said

"Can-" started Louis

"By myself!" I said running up the stairs. He went to the other bathroom to take one too. When I got out I saw him sitting on the couch.

"Sorry to cut the vacation short, love, but management thinks it would be a good time to try a tour again" He said

"Um, okay. Hey, will I still be a background dancer?"


"Just hope It doesn't mess up Harry's performance"

"Lets worry about that later, we'll leave in the morning." He hugged me and we both went up to bed, falling right asleep from our day in the kitchen.


I woke up and saw Skyler, but i thought of Elenor, we never really broke up, we just stopped talking. Oh well I have Skyler now and shes the best. I slowly got out of bed and got some ice water. When I came back into the room I realized she wasn't in the bed. Ten seconds after staring at the bed I was dripping with cold water.

"Louis, darling. I'm starting to catch on!" Said Skyler. Then I threw my water and it hit her right in the face.

"You might be" I said laughing. We started packing up, success. 

"Okay, on the count of three we run to the car, don't stop for anything or anyone. Fans will do anything to get attention, even fake death." I said

"Got it" she said

"1....2....3!" We burst out the door running through the crowd and into the car. Safe.

"Well that was an event." said Skyler.

"Wait until tour" I said laughing. She rested her head on my shoulder and i put my arms around her. We stayed entwined like that until we got to the airport where we met up with the rest of the boys. We got stuck in a group hug with them, it was good to be back.


Having a group hug with Skyler and Louis was actually quite fun..I think not seeing her may have helped me get over her a little bit. But now she was coming on tour with us. I'm just praying to god everything goes okay. We all got into the plane and I decided to just chill out and let my mind clear up before getting to our first stop, Miami. Soon the interviews and questions would start, rehearsals and stress. So i took advantage of the time i had, eventually drifting into sleep. 


I woke up to Liam yelling at me that we were finally there. We ran to the car and later into the hotel followed by fans. Fans, some are nice and some are just horrible. I was reading Skyler's Twitter the other day and it was just disgusting. Most of them said how she was a lying slut that just liked up because we where famous and shit like that. Even though things between me and her are awkward doesn't mean I don't are about her. No one believes me when i say that she wasn't just another girl that I dated, and that she meant something. Whatever, I had an interview to get to.


"Hey, babe, are you going to come to the interview?" Louis asked me

"I guess i could come, but I don't want to be on camera" I said

"Okay...." she said with a smirk. Some how I think I might end up on Tv tonight.

Louis helped me find something to wear and then we left with everyone else to the interview, I have never heard of the show before, but If One Direction was there it must be a pretty big deal. Louis kissed me goodbye and went on stage. 

"So boys, are you excited for the tour!?" asked the interview lady

"Of course, Its always nice to travel around the world and see the fans" Said Liam

"Sorry for asking but, Ive heard my share of rumors and i need to know if they are true. Who here is dating who?" she asked

"Single" said Nail

"Single" Said Liam

"Single" Said Zayn

Then It got to Harry and Louis

"In the best relationship of my life" Said louis

"Aww" I whispered to myself like and idiot

"Um...Single." Said Harry

"Harry, Louis? Lets have a talk shall we?" said the lady. Ugh i could see where this was going...right to me.

"Well I'm dating to MOST WONDERFUL GIRL, Skyler" Said Louis. I think he said it loud so the fans in the audience would get that no matter what they did we were going to date.

"And Harry, what happened?" she asked

"Well, I did something stupid and lost the girl I loved" Said Harry. Decent answer.

"Louis, is Skyler here?" asked the lady

"Yes, can we get her on stage please?" louis said. Dear god he knew i didnt want to go on..but i had to, its not like i could just stay there back stage so I walked out. The crowd cheered and for once I felt loved. They made a space for me on the couch.

"So you're the famous Skyler?" said the lady.

"You bet" I answered. God how dumb was I to say that?

"So Skyler darling, tell me, where did you and Louis meet?" she asked. how could I answer this with out mentioning Harry?

"Well, I was working at a premier and they just showed up." i said

"So, was it love at first sight?" She asked. I tensed up and Louis looked at me..what was I going to say? I started spazzing out

"Actually It wasn't love at first sight." Said Louis. Thank god. He just saved me big time. After the interview was over we headed back to the hotel to get room service. After we ate I showered and got out to see Louis and the boys all sleeping on my bed. I piled on top of them, to tired to make them move. And with that I fell asleep.

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