Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


8. Recovery


I woke up to a bright light thinking i was still in the concrete cellar...Then i looked to my left and i saw Harry crying. 

"Harry" i said. he looked up and came running over to me, grabbing my hand

"oh my god Skyler your okay!" he said crying even more "ill go get a doctor" and he ran out of the room. I was getting asked questions now..at least i answered them all correctly. I could leave tomorrow afternoon..good, the food here was horrible. soon the boys filed in the room.

"Hey..wheres Louis?' i asked. their faces turned white as they told me the story...all of it. Ugh i felt sick. Louis liked me and so did Zayn? Louis would do that? Over me? What about Elenor? Did they break up? Zayn liked me too? was he cutting himself? Zayn went and found the yearbook? He cared that much? I had so many questions that no one could or would answer. i decided to fall asleep and just let time pass. Harry held onto my hand the whole time.

I woke up the next morning and was told i could leave in a couple of hours. During that time me and Harry just talked..about the tour and the fans, school. Oh i missed so much! He told me he talked to my mom and she said that im old enough to move in with him. I was so happy..nothing could have made me happier at that moment. Then the doctor told me i could leave, making me happier. I sat down in the chair in the hallway for a little while the boys talked to Louis doctor. "We can see him, hes awake." Harry said to me. I got up and walked into the room.

"Hey, lou." i said.

"Do i know you?" he asked me.

"Im skyler"

"skyler"he said. then he turned around and started crying.

"Why are you crying?"

"Because your the only thing i remember." he said

i just starred at him. It was a honor but at the same time i was scarred, he loved me so much i could actually feel it...I wanted to just kiss him and make everything better. Wait, kiss him? did i just think about kissing him? What was i thinking i have Harry. Elenor walked in and i let them have their time alone. Harry took me to his house, it was so nice, better than i remember it. He put in a movie, one ive never heard of before, and we cuddled under a blanket the rest of the night. It was good to be home. Home, this was my home. I liked the sound of that.


i woke up next to Skyler, i think things are finally getting better. Louis is improving and Skyler is perfect, just a little bit traumatized. One Direction has an interview today, so Skyler is going to go and try to boost Louis memory. The only thing he remembers is her.


"So Harry, any new 'friends'?" asked the interview lady

"I have a girlfriend Skyler, and shes perfect. It was love at first sight it really was." i said

"So, how do the boys feel about this Skyler?" she asked.

"We all like her, she is very nice." said Liam. I like how he handled that because now i know the real truth.


Skyler walked in the room. Why cant i remember anything but her?

"Hey lou!" she said

"hi" i answered. she showed my some pictures to help my memory, but it didnt help. Then she did something different. She played a song: "you got that one thing"

"thats you singing" she said

"i-i think i remeber" i said. her face lit up. that song, i kind of remember it. Then she played another one.."...torn.." 

"x factor?" i said

"louis do you remember the x factor?" she asked

"yes..haha Zayn couldnt dance."


"yea..Nail...um.." i said. she laughed and jumped around. "sorry i cant remember anything else." i said. 

"thats okay..its a start! well Harry is going to pick me up.. see you soon!" and with that she left. Harry? I cant remember the name.. but i feel like hes a bad guy in a way? But why?


"Louis remembered some stuff!" i screamed at Harry

"He did?!"

"yup! not very much but it was something!" now my day had been perfect. And to make it better the boys were sleeping over. when we got home we just kinda chilled out and talked, watched a couple movies. Then Harry sugested truth or dare. "oh god this could get interesting." i said. they all laughed and once again i felt at home. 

"okay Harry truth or dare?" i asked


"hmm..run up to one of your neighboors in just your underwear, ask to use the phone. scream I DONT HAVE YOUR GOAT MILK! into it and run out of the house."

"ooooooooooooooh" said Liam

"ill do it" said harry, he shed his clothes and was off. I crawled into a ball laughing on the floor like all of the other boys. Then i was my turn.

"Dare" i said

"kiss harry for thirty seconds" said Nial

"no problem" and i leaned over to kiss him. He put his hand on my face and it was perfect. Even after the thrity seconds was up we kept kissing. When we finished everyone was gone. We laughed and went up to bed.


They actually looked like a perfect couple kissing...i think im over her

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