Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


15. Paris is full of surprises


I tried waking everybody up the way that Skyler did that one time, but i failed miserably. First off all everyone was already up, and like I got her, she got me. After i showered I joined everyone in the kitchen for food before going off to the concert.

"So boys, i say we get there early and do a video diary" I said. Skyler smiled at me and the boys loved the idea. So we left about a hour earlier, which was good because less fans were there to greet.


"Hi, we're One Direction" We all said together. Skyler had a plan and she was going to come in later.

"So, we decided to do the diaries again" Said Liam

"As you can see" Said Zayn

"So hi!" I said

"hi" said Nial

"hi" Said harry

"Hi" said Laim

"VAS HAPPENIN?!" said Zayn. good times, good times.

"So its that time again to answer some of your questions! This one is from Laura 'If you were being attacked by chickens, what would you do?  demonstration please'  Okay, boys. What would we do if we were being attacked by chickens?" I said. We all got up and stated running around. Once we sat back down Harry said the next question.

Thats when Skyler came in. She quietly walked behind Zayn..got on her tip toes, and BAM! Started messing up his hair. Zayn started screaming and trying to get her away. The boys and I started laughing. Once she stopped, Zayn's hair looked hilarious. He ran out of the room. Skyler took his seat next to me, and the five of us started laughing. 

"Well, That's all the time we have toda-" I started saying when Zayn ran into the room, Hair fixed. Skyler got up and ran. Zayn sat down and finished my sentence.

"Well, thats all the time we have today! Send us your questions for next time!" He said. The four of us started laughing and Zayn gave us the stare. We went in our separate ways to get ready for the concert.


We all stood backstage and Zayn was staring at Skyler, still mad about the hair thing. I couldn't help but laughing at him right before we made our entrance.


"Another great show in the bag" I said. The boys nodded in agreement. 

"We should do a twitcam later." Said harry

"Love it..actually, lets let Skyler and Taylor do one." I said

"I like that better" Said Harry. I walked up to Skyler and told her the idea. She loved it, as i knew she would. 

"We have yet to tell the fans about the engagement" she said. I was surprised that the paparazzi didn't put two and two together yet. We got home and sat around like fat asses as usual. Then Skyler and Taylor went off to do the twitcam.


It's been a couple of years since I met On Direction now, I was 20 years old and now I was engaged to one of the sexiest men on earth.

I started the twitcam and we had WAY more viewers than I thought we would.  

"Okay, well.. Skyler has something very important to tell everyone!" Said Taylor

"Well..you guys know how Louis and I have been kinda going out? Well...now me and Louis are engaged, and you guys are the first to know!" I said. Instantly tweets were being sent, and I was trending. I, Skyler, was trending on twitter. My phone rang, it was Louis.

"Hey everyone its Louis!" I put him on speaker phone.

"Hi guys! Now that you know about the big surprise...we have another surprise for you!" Said Louis

"Um...we do?" I said. Taylor started laughing.

"Yes sweet cheeks we do. Right here, right now...Skyler and Taylor are going to choose two lucky fans to win backstage passes! So tweet tweet tweet! Make sure to include your phone number!" He said before hanging up. So many tweets started popping up on the screen the computer froze for  a little.

"Well...I'll choose a winner and Taylor will choose a winner! We will decide the winners in, um, ten seconds." I said. We scrolled through the tweets, I chose lucky 'tweeter' 13, my favorite number. I dialed her phone.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hey! This is Skyler an Taylor! You are our first lucky winner!" I said. The girl started screaming and I told her I could tell Louis to call her later with more details. Then Taylor choose 'tweeter' number 99. We called her too.

Before we knew it, it had been two hours. So we ended the twitcam and I called Louis with the two girls phone numbers.

"Hey, why did you give out those passes anyways?" I asked

"Just something to do." He said

"Thats sweet."

"Hey, babe?"


"Why are we talking on the phone if im in the living room?"

"Uhhh...." I said. I hung up on him and went out to greet the boys.

"Look at that! your trending on twitter!" Said Liam.

"I know...it's weird though"

"Get used to it" Said Louis, putting his arms around my waist. It made me jump a little bit

"Well its lts late, i think I'm going to go bed." I said. Louis reached for my hand and we went to our room.

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