Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


7. New hope


Darkness, I can hear, but nothing, the words I hear where are they And where are they coming from? After running for so long I see a light. The light shinned and I heard the name Skyler. Skyler left.. Kidnapping.. Searching,,. What happened why was I blacked out. I looked through the light and saw a boy , he was talking, "Sk-yler" I said. The light opened up and I saw the boy come towards me.. Then yelled for a doctor. Before I knew it I was surrounded by people, I was so confused.. Then a sharp needle was out into my arm with a bunch of other cagets. Skyler. Who was this Skyler and why do I seem to remember her?


Harry came running out of the hospital room screaming "HES AWAKE HES AWAKE!" over and over again. All of us ran into the room but we were soon pushed out by doctors working non stop on poor Louis. I felt now that part of me was back, but i still new it was my fault. But i did feel better like half of what Harry loved was here..now for Skyler, ive been thinking alot about her now...she was kidnapped she might not even be alive anymore, that phone call was over two days ago, what if it was her last one? Thats when i decided to take matters into my own hands. i went to her house just to see her mother crying..then i started crying to. i searched through the house finding anything on who thoes messages may be by. I got to her room and teared everything apart..then i cam across her yearbook. I decided to stop and look at it just to see her eyes and smile. When i got to her picture i just stared at it. I flipped through the rest of the book and soon i got to the back where people signed it. Right in the middle of the page it said:

"This isnt over Skyler..Ill find you and finish what I started-Paige Miller"

I froze and starred. I found it. I found the vital piece of evidence that i needed. I grabbed the book and ran right out of the house to the hospital. I showed it to Harry and the pale in his face was gone..the hurt in his eyes disappeared. and for the first time in so long...i saw his dimples. He grabbed the book out of my hand and made a run for the FBI.


I cant belive it. Zayn found her, i ran to the cops and they looked up this girl. They said the evidence matched the messages and we all drove off to this Paige girls house.

We got there and i must say she had a pretty big house, The cops got in and i watched as they found her and put her in handcuffs. She was shoved into the car and asked questions, The whole time i was giving her a nasty look, then i went around her house looking for Skyler. i found Paige's room, ohhhh yes she was a fan of me. Had every album every poster, like thirty dolls of me. Then i found an old key on the dresser and took it, i had a feeling i would need this later.

Paige wouldnt answer any questions no matter how much the FBI threatened her. Then she said she wanted to talk to me...I didnt want to get anywhere near that THING but i did it for Skyler, i did it for love.

"Harry?" She said

"Yes im harry now where is sky?!" i said

"oh ill tell you, but first you have to kiss me."

"why are you doing this?"

"who, to skyler?"

"no, to my grandma. yes skyler"

"well, in eight grade she said something mean to me"

"what the hell did she say that made you do this?"

"well, its not what she said, its what she did. see, we used to be best friends, so one day i went to sit down at the lunch table to find that another one of her friends took my spot. I had to sit alone and i was so embarassed.....i had to get my revenge"

"thats it. you put me and her and everyone through this because of one day alone?"


"Tell me where she is"

"no but ill give you a glue"


"she is withing a three mile radius of where you are standing right now"

And with that i took off running into the woods surrounding her house. I looked everywhere...then when i was running the ground sounded different, like it made a different noise when i ran on it. I looked around everywhere and sure enough there was a huge door on the ground. I opened it just to find a door at the bottom of some steps. The key. i opened the door and there on the ground was my perfect skyler... unconscious. I picked her up and ran to the FBI and seconds later i was in a ambulance crying my ass off. Medics where working on her..IV's, breathing tubes, everything you could ever think of. We got to the hospital and we where separated. I found Zayn and hugged that bitch so hard..then told the boys everything that happened....then they filled me in with Louis. "Louis isnt doing to well, hes barely staying alive and may never have the chance to leave the hospital. But the doctors say it was a miracle that he even woke up" Said Liam. "Hey harry, what did you even say to wake him up?" Asked Nial. "I said 'Skyler'." Skyler..I met her i saw her and she changed everything...I hope shes okay.   

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