Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


14. Miami and MORE


Backstage was even more chaotic than I pictured it. I went from makeup to wardrobe to miniature practices back stage. I was about 10 minuets until the show started, but I could hear the fans already. I sat down in a chair not feeling so good when Louis showed up

"A little nervous, are we?" he said. I nodded.

"Don't worry you'll be great" he said

"But what if im not great?" i asked

"Don't think about it"

"How can I not?"

"Because no matter what happens, at the end of the day you'll always be mine and i'll always be yours." he said. Walking away.

"Oh Louis." I said. Then Taylor showed up

"Hey, I know its nerve racking to go on stage for the first time, but soon after you just start doing your thing, it will be like your the only one there just doing what you love." She smiled

"Thanks." I said. She gave better advice than Louis. What am I saying? I still don't like her, and in a couple of weeks neither will Harry. The lights got dark and the music started. It was time for the boys to make their big introduction. The adrenaline rushed through me, I was still a Directioner and I was still excited to be at a One Direction concert. Even if I was in it.

Security shoved me to get in my place on stage.

"Here we go" I said as the lights went on. It took me a while to get adjusted to the bright light, and when I did I wished I didn't. The fans. So many of them. Signs, fans, signs, fans, lights, screaming.

"Holy. shit." I said. The music started playing and I remembered what Taylor had said to me. I started dancing with a couple of other people, and before I knew I wasn't even thinking. I was just having fun. It didn't fell like dancing, it felt like I was up on stage with One Direction, just running around being idiots. The next thing I know the song is over and the crowd is even crazier. I thought to myself, "I am one of them" But then the next song started, and the next one and the next one. Then everyone came off stage for a while and I went straight to the water. When I turned around Louis was there and he picked me up.

"I TOLD YOU" He said smiling and laughing.

"Hey, I may have been pretty awesome, but I wasn't as good as you!" I said walking away. He grabbed my hand and walked with me to get out of my dancing outfit and into just normal clothes for answering questions. 

When the six of us walked on stage the fans screamed so loud I can't even explain it. I remembered my first One Direction concert, it didn't seem this crazy from the floor. The boys introduced themselves and then Louis introduced me. The fans screamed when he said my name. The actually like me? I thought they hated me. Maybe they've learned to live with it......?

"Okay, so this is my favorite tweet!" Said Louis. On the huge screen behind us a tweet popped up:

"Show us your American accents. Skyler show us your British one" Said Louis. "Nial, you first". Wow, my name was actually in a question.

"Hey Miami wats going on!" Said Nial. Once again the crowd screamed. Me and the boys started laughing. It went down the line until it got to Louis. His american accent was so hot I just kinda stared at him. Then It was my turn, "Its time for tea, love" I said. The crowd screamed just as loud. I finally felt as like I was just another member of One Direction. After a couple more questions i was rushed off stage to get on another costume to dance in. I took my place and this time I wasn't scared at all. When the lights went on everything kinda slowed down like in a dream. I thought about how and why I was up here. I was up here because i wanted a job, met harry, dated harry, broke up with harry, dated Louis. I almost started crying, I realized how lucky I was and how many other great dancers wanted my spot. I thought about the night I fist saw them at the premier. It seemed so un-real. Everything that has happened or that was happening. The song ended and then another one started, then another and another. People threw things on stage and some of them were for me. At that point I was so prepared to wake up in my bed on a Tuesday morning like any other. The concert ended, then came the encore. I took the encore time to get ready in my normal clothes and pack up so I wouldn't have to later. After the concert Louis came right up to me and gave me a long, meaningful kiss. More of a make out session if you ask me.

When the fans cleared out and the boys were packed up i took it upon myself to walk around in the chairs where the fans once were. I just thought and thought and thought. Through all of the bad stuff, everything was good now. I think I could safely say that everything was perfect, more than perfect. Louis came out and found me, sitting down next to me.

"Hey Louis?" I said

"What" he said

"You know what the fans would LOVE?"


"more video diaries."

"Well I guess we can do that."

"Can I be in them?"

"Why wouldn't you?" He said. I put my head on his shoulder and partially fell asleep. He nudged me and It was time to get into the bus and see the remaining fans. We walked out and the boys instantly went running towards the fans. I walked behind.

"SKYLER!" Said one kid. I turned around to see notebooks and papers being shoved at me.

"CAN I HAVE A PICTURE!?" another fan yelled. They wanted me? I smiled and went off to greet my fans. My fans? I thought later. I have my own fans? 

"Whats up? You seem in great thought." Said Louis.

"God Louis you scared the shit outta me!" I said giving him a playful punch in the arm.

"Well..whatcha thinking about." he aksed

"Is it weird to have, my own fans?" I said

"Haha you have your own fans?"

"What is that supposed to mean?" I said smiling.

"I was kidding. It's not weird at all! People love you. Your dancing, your personality, us.." he said

"My personality? How do they know that? They don't even know me?"

"Oh, get used to it. The fans know more about me than I know about myself. They're just dedicated..."

"Louis, honey. I'm a Directioner for the last time."

"Oh yes thats right." he said.

"So its not weird to have my own fans?"

"of course not." He said kissing my forehead. 



I woke the next morning to see Skyler gone. I walked into the living room area of the hotel room to see her laying on the couch.

"Sorry, I decided to watch tv." She said

"Thats a-okay. Whatcha watching?"


"O! I love this show!" I said. Skyler started laughing at me. I cuddle up right next to her and we watched spongebob. I really loved Skyler. 

"Hey, babe?" I said

"Yea what?"

"Im going to go out and get some food, i'll be right back."

"kayy" she said. I left the hotel and ran to the car. I hope the fans didn't see where I was going, they would ruin everything. I walked into the store.

"Hello sir, can I assist you in any way?" Said the male behind the counter.

"Yes actually, I'm looking for a wedding ring."

"Follow me, sir." he said with a smile on his face. He brought me to this huge glass case filled with many rings.

"Here, let me show you to the less pricey ones" He said

"Oh thats okay, I like this one. number 58741." It was a silver ring with a big purple sparkly diamond on it. It practically screamed "Skyler" He told me the price and I gave him my credit card. On the way back I stopped to pick up some food, like I had said.

When I got back to the apartment Skyler was dressed and showered, ready for a day on interviews. I ran into our room and hid the ring. The boys joined us and then we had to go to two interviews before leaving for Paris. 



I'm so happy Skyler decided to join us in the interview today. She got more questions than any of us.

"How did it feel to dance with not only One Direction, but your boyfriend for the first time?" Asked the lady interviewing us.

"All I can say is that it was pretty amazing. No word can really explain the feeling." She said. After the rest of the normal questions like "Hows the tour" we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the plane. 

"ahhhhhhh!" Said Skyler

"Um...what?" i aksed

"So much flying around everywhere!"

"I know, its a pain."

"No.. i like it"


"it means 12 hours on a plane with you, and theres no way out but down."

"I'm not sure how to take that.." I said laughing. She smiled and got her luggage. We dealt withe the normal fans, giving the occasional lucky one a hand shake or something corny like that. I winked at one girl and she started crying. We go on the plane and i settled down next to Skyler. I was so lucky to have her. She put up with fans, she put up with tour, she put up with me. She was amazing and I couldn't wait to make her my wife. I glanced at my bag where the ring was. It was perfect, just like her. We spent most of the flight just talking about random stuff when Harry decided to go to the bathroom. He came back out with a stowaway. 

"Guess which lucky fans got past security?!" He said smiling real big. We like to somewhat torture the fans that get into the plane. Paul held her down while the five of us boys just just out of touching distance. Its little but mean and hilarious to see the girls struggle to reach us. This goes on for a good three hours before Paul makes them promise not the fan girl or touch us when he lets them go. Thank god the always listen.

When we got to the airport we once again bolted to the car avoiding as many people as we could. 

"Pairs" I said looking out the window. I saw Skyler looking at me smiling. I looked down in the bag where the ring was. That's all I could think about.

"Ready for another concert tomorrow?" I asked 

"You bet"

"Well you sound more confident than yesterday"

"but now I've been through it" she said kissing me on the cheek as we pulled into the driveway. We walked into the hotel talking to as many fans as we could. When we got to the room and got unpacked, I put the ring in my pocket. I took Skyler to the balcony.

"I made sure we had this room so we could see all of Paris." I said

"Oh my god its so beautiful." she said smiling. The lights from the city below sparkled in her eyes. She was in a daze. I closed the doors and shades behind us.

"Its just so beautiful" she said

"Not as beautiful as you" I said. She looked at me and  smiled. I got on my knee.

"Skyler Isabel Rosewood. Ever since I saw you at the premier that night I couldn't stop thinking about you.  Your so much different from anyone else I have ever meet, in all the good ways. I love you more than Zayn loves himself, or more than Nial loves food. I don't want to call you my girlfriend. I want to call you my wife. Will you marry me?" I said holding back the tears. She started crying and her mouth opened but nothing came out. She smiled and said "y.............ye......."

"Yes?" I said for her. She nodded and I slipped the ring on her finger. I stood up and hugged her. Then I heard the boys crying. Turns out they were watching us the whole time. It didn't matter. Skyler and I were Engaged and thats all that I care about. I could see it in her eyes that she felt the same way.

"Lets go explore Paris" I said. She smiled and we left the room. The fans were gone accept for about 10. They were the lucky ones that got to hear the news first. A few of them started crying.

"Lets ignore the fans and everyone else in the world tonight. Its just me and you." I said to her.

"I wasn't even thinking of them" She smiled as we ran down the street into every store and down every block. The lights shined on the street as we got into a taxi. He drove us to the Eiffel Tower. We stood at the bottom and looked up. The lights. the sound. the music. Everything was so perfect, almost like a dream. Nothing would ruin this for me. No one would ruin this for her. We rolled around in the grass like little kids and went to get ice cream. We got back to the hotel where I found a note.

"We got another room, you kids have fun. love-the boys" I tossed it on the ground and we ran straight into the bedroom, ripping off clothes on the way. We jumped into bed and I turned the lights off.



I woke up naked next to Skyler. I wanted to wake up this way every morning. With my arms around her.

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