Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


9. Late night conversations


I woke up and the doctor told me i could go home if was very careful, any more injuries and i was a goner. I still was having a problem remembering much, basically i just remembered Liam, Nial, Skyler and the x factor. Harry was in there somewhere but I couldnt remember. Liam showed up to take me home. I was happy because I feel like i can trust him the most. We pulled up in the driveway and i walked into the house, on the counter was a little stuffed pigeon. Kevin. I remembered everything so suddenly, the x factor , the tour, elenor, the video diaries, Harry. "Liam I remember" i said staring into space. he started jumping around telling everyone, making me laugh. After a long group hug and some tears we all sat down to Watch toy story, Liams idea. i remembered how much he liked it. It was good to be back. Soon after my moments of happiness I remembered Skyler, and everything that has happened. I still love her, i just cant shake that. I think its about time i go talk to her, face to face. Maybe she can help me.


After toy story Louis asked if we could talk. God i am so happy he remembers everything, it wasnt the same without him around.

"hi!" i said to him when we entered a different room

"Um, if i tell you this you cant tell anyone" he said looking down


"Well, i think i love you. and i dont know why. Its just your so much different-IN A GOOD WAY- and I want you and Harry to be happy together, but I just cant seem to get over you." he started crying

"Lou I know, Zayn told me"

"he did"

"yeah after i was out of the hospital everything was explained to me."

"well can you help me kinda get over you?"

"sure....what do you think would do the trick?"

"um..maybe if we kissed?"

"Ummm..." i looked down to think

"o my god im sorry i never should have talked to you" he said walking out. I grabbed his arm

"If you think it will help, okay." I said. And with that we kissed, this kiss felt different than Harrys, with more passion and more energy. I didnt pull away and neither did he. Tongues in each other mouths it was the best kiss i have ever had. When we were done i hugged him, not wanting to ever let go. Then I saw Harry.

Harry was crying now and he just looked at me

"How could you?" he yelled

"come on let me explain!" i screamed

"Thats what they all say!" and he stormed out of the room. I started bawling my eyes out and snuggled up in Louis chest. He was so warm. He rubbed my back and at the moment I had a scary thought...I like Louis.  


How could she kiss him?! I thought she loved me I thought she cared! She wants to explain but its just going to be some lame excuse. I left the house without saying a word to anyone, i ran to the closest bar to find myself a real girl, one who wouldnt go off kissing my friend. 


Harry stormed out of the house real mad. "Dammit Louis" and I ran into the kitchen. When I walked in Skyler and Louis were hugging, and she was crying.

"What just happened to Harry?" i said

"Skyler, you and Zayn can talk alone" Said Louis. But Skyler wouldnt let him go, i had to pry her off of him.

"Skyler." i said

"IM SORRY!" she screamed crying even harder

"um i didnt say anything.." i said

"I didnt really mean to kiss him i was just trying to help him get over me and back with Elenor!"

"YOU KISSED-look it doesnt matter Harry will come back and he will listen, he just doesnt know" i said. Skyler ran out of the room back to Louis. They curled up together on the couch. I told Liam and Nial we should stay for when Harry came back, they agreed. 


I woke up when Harry burst through the door, I got up "Harry.........?" he had a girl with him. Harry just stared at me drunk as hell. "You should have let her explain." I said leaving the house.

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