Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


3. It was like a dream


The lights the decorations the atmosphere, I tried to take it on but it was all to beautiful. Then I remembered I was holding Harrrys hand. Me, Skyler, was holding his hand. I smiled and looked at him just to find him already looking down at me. He brought me to a circular table, letting me take his seat. He went off to find another one. I was in a daze now. With the lights and romance. I ordered the same thing as him, not really knowing how to pronounce anything on the menu.

"So skyler tell me about yourself" he said staring right into my eyes.

"What about me?"

"Just, you. The basics. What are your hobbies what do you like to do?"

"Well, I'm a dancer and gymnast. I play some volleyball. I like to just hang out but occasionally take a chance and do something different every once in a while"

"Well then you sound very interesting"

"Haha what?!"

"I don't know, I just, it's... We just met but I feel like I love you. Your eyes and your smile. Your so nice and funny"

"Aww." I said smiling And blushing.

I turned my face away and hoped he didn't see me blush again. But this time he pulled my head back, looked me in the eyes, and leaned in pulling me with him. We kissed, it was quick yet long enough for me to know that I think I love him.


Skyler, god she was beautiful. I was almost worried... I know Harry and I really hope he doesn't have a one night stand with her. She was to nice and to sweet just to be dropped like a toy. Was I falling for her? Yes.. But no? Am I jealous of Harry? No way, I have Elenor. But she is just glowing at the table in a way i cant explain. I watched them along with the other boys, then Skyler and Harry kissed. I clenched my fist without even realizing it. Zayn starred at me, he felt the movement when I clenched my fists I'm guessing. He excused me and himself to the bathroom.

"Care to explain the Anger?" He said

"Um....yeah. The food was takin to long"

"Your the worst lier I have ever met. Tell me about Skyler"

"She's a lovely girl"

"And..... What do you think of her?"

" oh god Zayn you obviously already know. Why make me explain it"

"I know.. She is very pretty and nice.. But Harry has already claimed her for his own"

"I know" I said " I just hope he doesn't do one of his one night stands and hurt her. She's to pretty, to nice"

" I know.. Lets just go back out there for now"

And with that we walked back to the table to find just Nial and Liam sitting there. "Umm, where did they go?" I said pointing to they empty seats. "Oh Harry said he had to show her something and they ran off." Said Nial. We sat down and ate for a while, not seeing either Skyler or Harry for a good three hours before I spotted them on the other side of the room. I have to admit they were cute together. Maybe I should be happy for them.


People started leaving and Harry offered to drive Skyler home. "Oh god I don't want to go home!" She said " why?!" Said Harry alarmed. "Because I'm having so much fin with you!" She smiled. Her smile was beautiful. "Call your mom, your staying at my place" said Harry. Ugh, he was so smooth. And then I realized what was going on. He was having a girl over and will probably just ditch her the next morning. I looked at Zayn and could tell he had the same fear. Did he like her too?

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