Under a Red Moon

Okay, this is my first story so ill try my best to make it good! I know some of the facts and details are messed up, but its a story. Anyways, when Skyler takes a late night job ushering a party, she ends up running into her favorite boy band. Soon after she realizes she might be in love- with more than one boy.


13. Haylor


I went on with the rehearsal trying to get Harry out of my mind. She sat in the audience and watched us practice. She just stared and stared. I couldn't concentrate, at least I was still hitting the right moves in the right times. 

"Hey Sky?" Said Louis

"What?" I said

"The boys and I agree that you've made yourself a part of this group..and we were wondering if you wanted to answer/do the tweets with us on stage. I'm sure you'll have lots of questions...."

"Of course" I said giving him a kiss before heading backstage. Then I thought of Harry again.

"When the fans find out there will be hell to pay." I said. I couldn't help feeling sorry for him, I mean, hes Harry. Just because I hated him didn't mean I still didn't like him..if that made sense.

"Just forget about it." I told myself maybe a little bit to loud.

"Forget about what?" Said Louis, scaring the hell out of me

"Oh, just how many people I will soon be in front of" I said. It felt so bad to lie to him, but I couldn't let him know.

"You'll be perfect babe. In the meanwhile we're headed back to the hotel, so go get your stuff and meet us and Taylor and stage." he said

"Okaayyyy" I said. "And TAYLOR on stage" I quoted him as I walked away.


I walked on the stage and no one was ready to leave yet but Taylor. I sighed.

"Hey Skyler, can I talk to you?" She asked.

"Um, sure. What about?" I answered

"Well, I need some advice. What is it like to date someone from One Direction?"

"Well, its defiantly different..."


"This is One Direction we're talking about. The biggest boy band in the world."

"Haha yeaaaa..." Taylor said

"First, get used to fans not liking you." I said

"I know, I've seen your Twitter, some of that stuff is awful."

"I try not to read anything. I just tweet and people who care will read it."

"Your so brave taking on the world like this...with so much hate"

"Thanks...I don't think it will ever change."

"Yea, If people don't like us they don't have to watch us, or listen to us, or talk about us" Said Taylor. Us? Since when did that happen.

"Oh look! My two girls talking! Could this day get any better?!" Said Harry. His two girls? Could this day get any weirder? Soon after the rest of the boys showed up. I grabbed Louis's hand and we went to the car to go back to the hotel.

"Hey I'm gonna shower, its been a long interesting day." I said

"Um..can I join-" Louis started

"Yes" I said and we walked into the bathroom. I think he could tell I was overwhelmed so we didn't go to far. After the shower he asked if he could dry my hair.

"If you want?" I said. He dried my hair and I went off to bed without even eating supper



I woke up and walked into the kitchen where I found Harry crying.

"Harry whats up?" I asked

"The fans." he said in between tears.

"I thought you loved fans?" I said

"Not when their like this.." He showed my his phone:


                                  After snapping a picture of Harry Styles holding hands with Taylor Swift,

                                questions are rising up about the new couple, Haylor.


Then there was a picture of Harry and Taylor holding hands.

"The fans are going CRAZY." he said

"What are they saying?" I asked, but in reality i knew EXACTLY what they were saying

"They are saying that she is only dating my for a publicity stunt..why can't people see that we love each other?" He said. I just stared at him

"What?" He said

"Harry, I'm a Directioner  I can tell you exactly whats going on if you promise not to get mad." I said, staring him right in the eyes.

"Just tell me, I need to know." he said. I took a deep breath..

"Taylor Swift has dated many guys, right? Well she broke up with them after the press got all over it. Then she comes out with songs like "We are never getting back together" and "I knew you were trouble". Everyone gets all over the songs, knowing who they are about. Publicity, money. Shes using you, Harry. In a week or two she'll brake up with you and come out with a new song or two, making so much money she wont know what to do with it. Open your eyes..the fans aren't trying to hurt you...we're trying to protect you." I said. I watched his face go from sad to mad.

"Why doesn't anyone get it!? She wont do that I know she wont! She's to nice, and why for publicity, she has enough of it anyways!" Harry Screamed standing up

"HAROLD SIT DOWN." I said loud and clear. "Think about it." I said leaving the kitchen. I could hear him breaking things as i left. I turned on the tv, trying to find something other than Haylor.

"Hey where the hell was Louis this morning?" I asked myself. "That troll probably went with Nial to get food or something." I said to myself. I went to the bathroom just to find out Zayn was in there.

"Zayn use the mirror some other time! I gotta get in!" I yelled through the door. The door opened,

"Well if you wanna be that way.." he said leaving with his hairspray. Later after watching tv Louis and Nial burst through the door with a ton of food.

"Where is everyone?" Louis asked. 

"I have no idea where you were let alone everyone else!" I said getting up to kiss him

"Oh sorry about that." he said kissing me back

"GET A ROOM!!" Nail screamed. Louis and I burst out laughing at him.

"Well I'm gonna cook you up something special!" Louis said to me

"Please, lets not have another incident like while we were on vacation." I said laughing

"Right, Nial, care to help me?" And with that the three of us went into the kitchen.

"Wheres Harry?" Said Louis. I had to tell him.

"Poor chap. You didn't see the paparazzi out there asking us all sorts of questions about 'Haylor'". Said Louis. I nodded. After he successfully finished cooking without starting anything on fire he set out the special dish in front of me. It was Sushi

"Well Louis i must say I never new you could cook like this." I said taking another bite. Him and Nial started laughing when Zayn and Liam joined us.

"I think Harry will be in his room all day." Said Liam

"Thats okay" Said Louis. Then Taylor walked in the door. Who gave her a key? I didn't even have one.

"Hey guys, I'll be up in Harrys room if anyone needs me!" She said walking into his room. I didn't know hotels gave keys out to just anyone. She was starting to annoy me.

"So how are you feeling about the big kick off to the tour tomorrow?" Louis asked me. I started choking.

"TOMORROW?" I asked

"Why yes my love, when else would it be?" he said laughing

"I didn't know it would be so soon."

"Well you'll be just fine."


"I meant perfect, my little angel." He said. I blushed big time and he gave me a hug before taking the rest of my food.

"Sorry, I'm hungry!" he said

"Well thats something Nial would usually say, and he would usually take my food!" I said

"Well thats to bad!" he said drinking my orange juice.

"You wanna lick the plate, too?" I said sarcastically

"Of course not..I wanna lick you!" he said

"I told you to get a room" Nial said. Louis grabbed me and carried me into the bedroom and started undressing. I did the same and we got in bed.


We had sex longer than usual, not that im complaining. We walked downstairs just to be greeted by Zayn

"Did you guys make enough noise up there!?" he said. I blushed

Well we did have enough 'fun'." Louis said. We watched toy story 1,2,3 and 4. Then Louis carried me up to bed. He wrapped his arms around me and said I love you. I told him I loved him to and fell asleep in his arms. 


I woke up early and decide to wake every boy up in a different way. I walked into Nials room quietly with a bag of flour. I dumped it on his face.

"WAKE UP WAKE UP! ITS TOUR TIME! WAKE UP!" I yelled at his flour covered face.

"When I get my hands on you.." he said. I darted out of the room before he could get me. Next was Zayn. I had a jar of peanut butter and a dog the hotel room over had ( famous people can bring their animals anywhere!). I put the peanut butter all over his body, including his hair. Then let the dog run loose. I left before he woke up.

Next came Liam. His was easy. I just put tons of spoons around him and woke him up. Poor thing was laying in his bed terrified.

Next was Harry. I walked into the room and around the corner with boiling hot water. Then I saw him and Taylor doing the nasty. I set the bowl down and quietly left. Nasty.

Then came Louis. I walked into our room with duct tape, planning to wrap his whole  body in it. When I walked into the room no one was there. Then I was hit with flour, spoons, and peanut butter. I turned around to find Liam, Louis, Nial, and Zayn. We all just stared breaking down laughing.

"Like you said..Its time for tour!" said Nial after a while. I went to get ready, still laughing. We all were eating food when Paul showed up, getting us all rounded up for the tour. I got in the car next to Louis as always. I was starting to get tired of dodging fans. I saw Harry and Taylor and instantly thought of this morning. I started making gagging noises.

"What" Said Louis

"Oh sorry, I saw harry and Taylor having sex this morning and it was just a nasty sight." I said

"Hey, we did that!" said Louis laughing

"Oh yes, yes we did!" I said before kissing him. I leaned my head on his shoulder and just stared out the window for the rest of the ride. Then I started seeing fans out the window. Great.

"We're getting close." Said Louis laughing. The bus pulled in the back trying not to hit any fans that got 'loose'. We walked into the back door with tons of security around us. The boys signed stuff and took pictures while me and Taylor walked in.

"Time for tour" I said to myself. I wasn't sure if i was ready. 

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