i never thought.....

this story is about a girl who grows up getting abused by her brother ( trace , 20) she is only 16 an is dying for help when she meets a curly headed boy that helps her get away but then gets kidnapped ? ( as the boys once said " kidnapped is such a strong word we prefer SUPRISE ADOPTION "!) so that <
but what will she / he do will they find hidden love ? will someone die for the sake of her?


1. Bio

well before we begin this story i would like to tell u a bit about myself  my name is ashley an i have brown curly/wavy hair almost like taylor swift some days an i had the bottem of my hair dipped in a really cute greenish blue its really cute some people say ............ but i get abused by my older brother trace my parents died in a vacation / trip on a plane home .......so my brother now watches me :(  sadly an ive got a huge scar down my back that is recent because my brother got so mad he shoved a knife down my back but he took care of it for me luckally .... now do you know enough if u dont you can figure it out in this story ill cut in at moments if its inportant see ya in da storie!!!!

ashleys pov

i was woken by my mean brother he shook me an knocked me off my bed (this is the day after the knife problem) so i got up got a shower picked out my outfit which was a blue t-shirt that had a british flag on it an tight skinny jeans  my brother smacked me an said have a good day an i left for my bus stop my face red  i got on an a popular girl tripped me i fell face first i got up an sat down alone in my seat nobody dared to  sit by me then..... we pulled up to a strange we have never been to before an there was a boy standing their with a dressy outfit an curly brown hair once he got on he sat BY ME!!!!  i just looked at him but as he sat down he kind of nugded me an it rubbed my back against the seat made me sqeal a little he  looked at me his green eyes looking straight into mine he smiled an went back to talking to is neighbor ...........

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