The failed attempt at a book and life

This is a story about a girl who gets bullied and her perseverance against her past


4. White walls

I woke up in a room with white walls. There was a needle stuck into my arm and bandages on my side where the vase hit me. There were five boys staring at me. Scared I pulled my blanket up farther and curled my knees up to my chest. One of the boy was sitting in a chair to the far left. He had brown wavy hair. Next to the right was a boy with blonde hair standing and eating. Next was another browned haired boy. After him there was a boy with brown curly hair. Lastly there was a boy with dark brown styled hair. The curly brown hair boy said "I am Harry, love, how do you do." With a small voice I uttered out only "Hello" the boy to the farthest right said "I'm Liam!" And in order he named "and that's Niall, then there's Louis, as you know, Harry, and that is Zayn." I felt like I knew these people but I didn't know from where. Then the one called Zayn said "Is there anybody that you need to call? And what is your name?" "I don't have anybody to contact and my name is Ariana what happened?" "You passed out and we brought you to the hospital. You got surgery on your side and have been sleeping for four hours." Said Niall."Thank you for taking me here but can I talk to a doctor?" "Oh okay" they all said as the shuffled out of the room." When the doctor came in she said "hello my name is doctor hann. You had severe shrapnel caught from your lower hip up to you shoulder. But I am wondering how you got it there?" "Hello Doctor Hann" I breathed in an braced my self to tell her what happened. Then I started my story when I finished I had her promise never to tell any body my story. Drying her tears she agreed and said that I can leave the hospital tonight if all goes well. Then she left.
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