The failed attempt at a book and life

This is a story about a girl who gets bullied and her perseverance against her past


7. The first day in heaven

Ariana's P.O.V.
In the middle of the night I woke up and heard sounds, like a guitar strumming. My side was aching and in so much pain I couldn't get to sleep. So I decided to get my mind of of it and to find the source of the music. I left my room and followed the sound I didn't get to far because the sounds were coming from a room four doors down. Quietly I knocked on the door. I heard Niall say "it's open!" Silently I slid past the door. "Well hello love!"
"Hello" I responded in a diminished tone. "Why are you up at two in the morning?"
"I had a great idea for a song!" Responded Niall. "Why are you up?"
"My side is hurting"
"How did you get the cuts?"
Nervously I sat in a seat across from him. I didn't want to tell him about my problems because I hate making a pity party for myself so I tried to change the subject "What was your great idea for a song?"

Niall's P.O.V.
I could tell her past was a tender subject so I let go of it. "Well do you want hear it? I was just about to go to our instrument room and figure more if it out."
"I would love to" she responded.
So we both got up and I guided her down the hall past the kitchen and into the instrument room.

Ariana's P.O.V.
The instrument room was full of guitars, drums, and had the most beautiful piano tucked into the corner. Niall walks to the guitars sets down his guitar and picks up a electric guitar. He sits down and starts to strum. His song was beautiful rising and falling. It reminded my like waves going through water so peaceful yet strong. I closed my eyes and let the notes me and I started humming along but just so quiet so that he couldn't hear.

Nail's P.O.V.
I started singing then I heard Ariana humming along. She was so quiet that I thought my mind was playing tricks with me. Her voice was the best I had ever heard it was sweet and strong. When I finished the song she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her.
"I am sorry, I ruined your song" she said obviously upset.
"No you were great!"
"No I am not" she responded shying away.
I grabbed her hand "you are the best singer I have ever heard!"

Ariana's P.O.V.
I panicked when he grabbed me it brought me back to my stepfather and when he grabbed me long ago. Instead of Niall's face I saw my father. I ripped my hand away from him and ran back to my room. My side hurt even more but I just sat in a corner and cried.
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