The failed attempt at a book and life

This is a story about a girl who gets bullied and her perseverance against her past


2. Myself

Dear diary,
My mother is gone forever now. My stepfather was drunk and driving home. He drove off the side and my mother died instantly. Perhaps it was better this way now my father doesn't beat her up each night on his drunken rampages. My heart cries out for her but I never hear a response. Of all of the bulling I have received nothing has broken me so much. Words cannot describe the affliction my mother's death has put on me.

Anyway tonight I came home to find my father on the ground in a drunken stupor. I have learned to leave him where he is and sneak past him I know what will happen if he sees me. So I start tiptoeing past but this time I was not so lucky he looked. Straight up at me "Donna" he said, Donna is my mother's name. "Donna, don't misbehave me again." He said with an angry tone in his voice. It was tone he used before he hit my mother. With dread I said "I would never disobey you." "Yes you did!" He said as he angrily grabbed a vase on the table and threw it at me. I was not fast enough to move away the vase shattered against my side with the slivers searing into my side. Thankfully he collapsed afterwards. This made up my mind nothing was keeping me here. My mother was gone I had no friends and I was smart enough to graduate from collage. I grabbed my diary, some clothes and ran out the door and as far away from my wretched father as I could.

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