The failed attempt at a book and life

This is a story about a girl who gets bullied and her perseverance against her past


8. I told them everything

I woke up in the same corner that I had cried in. As usual pain seeped in through my side I was so happy that my cuts would heal in two days. When I got up I stumbled to the bathroom door and turned on the hot water maybe a nice long shower would help. I was right the pain in my side slid away like the drops of water hitting my skin. Pain free I stepped out of the shower and put back on the only pair of clothes I had. Today I would go shopping. When I went downstairs I saw all of the boys except for Niall eating. The one that I think was called Harry grabbed a plate full of food, sat me down and said eat! I was starving so I dug in politely but after some time hunger took over me and I shoveled the food down. The boys all were staring at me but when you haven't eaten for a day you don't care.
Then Harry said "wow you eat more than Niall!"
"Sorry I haven't eaten for a day" I shyly said. Once I had finished I said. "I was planing to go on a run I need to clear my head."
"Okay, do you know this neighborhood?" Stated Liam.
"Yea, I used to be friends with a girl around here and we often took walks." I replied. "Welllllll, bye!" And I left. I knew that there was a goodwill ten blocks away and I couldn't wheat the same clothes every day so I started to run there.
--at goodwill--
I strolled through the isles picking up clothes that would fit me after thirty minutes I went into the changing room and tried on everything at the end of my shopping spree I had five jeans, two sweatshirts, four shorts, and nine cute t-shirts at the combined price of forty dollars. I shoved everything into four bags and walked back to the boys house. Luckily they had left the back door open for me because they had left. I came in dropped my bags and searched for the washer. I washed and dried my clothes and when I was done I returned them to my room.
"Helllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooo!" Screamed Lou.
I ran down to the front door "where were you?" I asked tilting my head ever so slightly.
"We got FOOD!" Hollered Nail.
"I help bring them in." I said
"Thank you" they all said
We returned to the car. They had piles of food I raised my eyebrows.
"Hey that was Nail" Zayn said defensively as Nail blushed. We all grabbed two bags and put away the food in the kitchen.
"Did you get new clothes?" Asked Liam.
"Yea, I didn't think to get any when I, uh, left."
"Why did you leave?" They all asked at the same time.
I knew that they would never let the subject go so I wrapped my arms around myself and said, "I will tell you but then you must let the subject go and never speak of it again."
"We promise." They said in unison.
So I started my story.
"When I was in my mother's stomach my father left doctors thought that I would have problems, so my father left. I was born problem free but he was gone forever. When I was two my mother remarried. My stepfather started beating my mother and I when I was three. " I had started my story and now that it was started I couldn't stop. I finished at eight at night. The boys all were crying and angry. I said I was tired and that I wanted to sleep. Wishing them a good night I walked to my room took a quick shower brushed my teeth and instantly fell asleep on my bed.
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