The failed attempt at a book and life

This is a story about a girl who gets bullied and her perseverance against her past


3. Adrenaline

Dear diary,
I ran for a day straight. I don't know how I did it probably a adrenaline rush. My side seared with pain from the the numerous cuts I had gotten. I knew that I needed medical attention but the alleyway that I had found myself in was nowhere near places I knew. Scared and cold I sat down and cried. Five minutes into my weeping, I heard strange voices. I could tell that the voices we're male and that whoever was owning the voices was coming closer. Scared I peeked out of my corner there were five well dressed men. One of them pointed me out to his friends. Fear gripped my soul so I ran. I could hear them running behind me I willed myself to go faster but sleep depravation and blood loss caught up to me. The last thing that I saw was one of the boys catching me before I fell.
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