The failed attempt at a book and life

This is a story about a girl who gets bullied and her perseverance against her past


1. Me

Have you ever felt so alone in a sea of people? Then welcome to my world. When your an outcast and everybody says "go away, we don't want you here" and why would they? I know everything, everything but why everybody hates me. My IQ is well, high. So when I stand in this sea I am befuddled.

Hello, my name is Ariana I am the first and only real outcast in my school. When I was in fifth grade my peers started noticing my profound way with words, math, and the educational apparatus. So apparently I was directly shipped to the land of outcasts, or in my school outcast.

Today was just like other days, first started the verbal and physical abuse starts. When I tried to report them everybody said nothing like that ever happened. These robots see my face and instantly think "stupid, idiot , why don't you just die" or " hey! Moving punching bag!, look a pincushion!" If I listed of all the abuse I get we could be here a whole year. Their favorite forms of abuse is to verbally abuse me, stick me with pins, and try to beat me up after school. I will never skip school to give these... People... the satisfaction of frightening me. Showing emotion is never an option either. When I get home I lay under my bed and imagine flying, going above the world and letting go of the words and bruises. That is my safe heaven.
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