Jordie Katniss And Kimberly Were Having A Normal Day When Jordie All Of The Sudden Gets A Tweet From The One And Only Harry Styles. Things Happen, Feelings Are Brought Up And They Fall In Love. But What Happens When Harry Flies The Girls To London, Feelings Change. And Old Feelings Brought Back ? Maybe "Gravity" Can Bring People Together, Where They Belong.


1. The Tweet..Skype...And Feelings?


"Jordie what are you doing ?" Kimberly poked my side curiously. "Jordiee tell mee !" "AGGHHHHH FINALLY HE TWEETED ME BACK!!!!! OH EM GEE!!" Katniss and Kimberly looked at me like I was crazy. "Explanation please ?" Katniss said. "HARRY FREAKIN STYLES TWEETED ME BACCK AHHHHH!!!!"
-JordieXoxo - Hey Harry ! Huge fan, totally loving the dimples !
-HarryStyles - Haha thanks means alot, I'm lovin the dimples to;) Skyping soon, join me and the lads ?

"He wants to Skype with you?! Omg go !" They screamed at me like I didn't already know what I was doing.

They had already started having conversations when I got there so we sat and listened. "JordieXoxo....hmmm pretty name, do you know anything about her yet lad ?" We couldn't see him but we knew by the smooth accent it was Niall James Horan... Harry nodded his head no, "But I stalked her twitter, found her Facebook and her instagram, creepy Iknow but lads this girl she Is gorgeous she's funny and by the way she speaks in her poems she's really sensitive.." We had all gone wide eyed. Katniss reached over and turned on the camera. "Oh look... JordieXoxo is here! Hi sweetheart!" Liams voice rang through the speakers so clear and perfectly I had almost forgotten to respond. "Uhmmm. Hi guys, hi Harry.." His eyes shot up to the screen like he hadn't realized it was me talking.. "Its really cool you invited me to Skype with you guys Harry.. It means alot.." His face turned bright red Katniss cut in "Hi guys were here to! I'm Katniss but you can call me Kat! This is Kimberly! So amazing to see you guys !" 
After about 20 minutes of joking around I got a dm on twitter.. Harry followed me  no way ! His message said 
Harry; Hello beautiful, hope you don't mind me asking but what's up with Katniss ? 
That made me laugh so randomly that all conversations stopped. Harry started laughing. "Sorry guys....carry on!" 
Me; Well Katniss is kinda her own person which is good sometimes but can get annoying.
Harry; Well she's nothing like you I can tell you that for sure.. 
Me; What is that supposed to mean ? ;o
Harry; give me your number and I'll let you know..
I ran out of the room and flipped out when I came back Katniss and Kimberly were staring and I could here the boys laughing. I dm'd my number to Harry and not long after that I heard my phone ringing Do you remember summer '09 wanna go back there every night!Rock me started playing and I starting running for it. Unknown number I answered it anyway. A deep slow voice came through "Hello Ms Jordie. How are you?" I knew immediately it was Harry.
"Well Mr Styles I am doing great how are you ?"
"Well now that its just us I'm doing amazing. So beautiful tell me about this anonymous tweeter..." I could practicly hear his smile.
I told him about myself and we sat for almost an hour when Katniss starting screaming.. "Well that girl has a powerful scream.. Why do I feel like I've heard it before.?" my mind flashed back to the cd signing and I started giggling. "By the sound of that I'm asumming you know the answer to the question ?" I laughed "Actually Harry I do.. We were at the cd signing in February, the one on your 18th birthday. Katniss saw you let out a blood curdling scream. We thought she was dying then we started freaking out to." I could hardly keep my giggling back with Harry laughing at the description. "Ohhh yeah! I remember her she's the one that wrote her number on my forehead !" we both laughed. I told him to give me like 10 minutes so I could find out why she screamed.

"Katniss, what the hell ?" I came up laughing. They both looked so guilty. "Where's my laptop ? What did you two do ?" I looked around and saw my laptop on the desk. "Boys ? You still there ?" I asked with a laugh. Niall popped his head up, "There he is! Finally I get to see the world famous leprechaun on Skype !" I laughed. "Jordie! Wow you really are flawless Harry wasnt kidding !" I started laughing, there was a honking outside. "Girls your mom is here. Did I mention that they are twins ? "Katniss let's go leave the boys aloone!" Kimberly had to drag her away from my laptop. "Jordie Harry says-" My jaw dropped, eyes widened and I screamed "HARRY IM SO SORRY!!!! IM COMING!!!!" I ran down the stairs jumping over chairs and dodging the dogs. I picked up the phone totally out of breathe. "Why......did.....I the....other side of the house ?" Harry was laughing so hard "Oh so you think……this is funny ?" I started giggling. I walked back to my room to see that the boys had their heads out the door. I turned off my mic so they didn't know I was back. 
"Hey Harry..Where are you right now?" 
"I'm sitting on the porch watching the sunset... Why?" 
"Cause the boys are still on Skype in my room.. Wanna tell them I'll Skype them later or something ?"
"Hey lads ! Jordie says she'll Skype you later! That okay ?"

"Go, go, go! End the- Ohh hey Jordie..." I turn on the mic. "Hey boys whatchya been doin ?" they start throwing apologies then we end the call.
Me and Harry talk on the phone for hours more not running out of anything to say, soon I fall asleep.

Harry's pov.

"Jordie? Are you asleep ?" No answer. Hmm I guess she's out. I hang up and send her a Goodmorning text to wake up to. 
I go to the kitchen to see the lads eating. Zayn mocked me "So she finally got tired of you huh ?" 
I replied "Haha actually no she fell asleep!" Wow, I can't believe we talked on the phone for 4 hours. I can't help but smile when I think about that giggle, it's so cute. Her voice is oh so angelic and soothing. I'm falling for her. 
"Harry? Are…are you okay? You seem a little off……" Nialls voice broke the thoughts of Jordie. "Harry?" Liams voice was just a background noise. Suddenly my face was wet and my eyes were flooded. "Was that really needed ?" I wiped my face and opened my eyes to see them all doubled over laughing at me. I felt the heat rush to my face. "Thanks lads. I think I'm gonna shower and dress for today. Got big plans."

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