Jordie Katniss And Kimberly Were Having A Normal Day When Jordie All Of The Sudden Gets A Tweet From The One And Only Harry Styles. Things Happen, Feelings Are Brought Up And They Fall In Love. But What Happens When Harry Flies The Girls To London, Feelings Change. And Old Feelings Brought Back ? Maybe "Gravity" Can Bring People Together, Where They Belong.


5. The Forgiveness And First Date !


Harry's pov.

We were all in the lounge room when someone knocked at the door so I went to see who it was. When I opened the door I saw none other than Taylor Swift. 
"Taylor! What are-" before I knew it her lips were on mine. I pushed her off as fast as it had happened. "Uhh Jordie, I'm gonna talk to Taylor........ Do you mind hanging with Nialler for a while ?" My voice was shakey and I didn't even wait for a reply I looked at Niall with a 'please-do-this-for-me' look. He nodded and we walked out. 
"Taylor! What is wrong with you!? I told you my girlfriend was coming to town today!! You knew damn well what the hell were you thinking ?! God! If she finds out she's gonna hate me!" I could feel the tears streaming down my face, I didn't even bother wiping them they were falling to fast. I looked at her and she had pure hate and jealousy in her eyes. "Don't you ever! Come back here!" I couldn't believe the hate I felt for her right then.

Nialls pov.

"So Jordie how was the flight?" I had been asking her random question for about 20 minutes now. She shrugged and said "It was okay.. Kinda boring though.. The twins HATE talking on planes so I had nothing to do.." I nodded and snickered. 
About 5 minutes later Harry came in all puffy eyed.. "Aye mate you alright ? Sit down relax.." he had only been in the room a minute and he had cleared his throat awkwardly about 5 times. "Niall can you give us a minute? I need to talk to Jordie." I nodded and walked out.

Jordie's pov.

Niall has been asking me random questions for about 30 minutes now.. Where in the world is Harry ?! Just then a very upset looking Harry burst into the room. 
"Aye mate you alright ? Sit down relax." Niall put his hand on Harry's shoulder. He'd only been here about a minute and he had already cleared his throat awkwardly like 5 times.
"Niall, can you give us a minute? I need to talk to Jordie." he nodded and walked out. "Harry.... What's going on?" I didn't wanna sound scared but I couldn't help it. My voice was shakey.
"It's Taylor.... She....she kissed me..." My heart sank. I thought I was gonna break down and cry right there. I held it in as best as I could. "Wha...what di- what did you do ?" I asked him but I'm not sure If I wanted to know. "Well I pushed her away of course. Love, why would you even ask that?"
"Because of Haylor.. I've seen alot of pictures of you guys.. Even after we met... You...... You seem happy with her..." just saying those words made me cringe. His face went from scared to pure hurt.. 
"Jordie what are you saying ? Are you..... Are you breaking up with me!?" my head snapped up from the floor.
"No I'm not breaking up with you! Are you crazy!? Im I'm love with you Harry I couldn't break up with you if I tried!!!" the fear and adrenaline running through my body right now was on over load.. 
He put his hands on the back of his neck and sighed.. "Jordie! Why would you ever think I'm happier with her than you!? You are my world don't you understand that?!" his voice was getting louder and louder. "Why would I ever be happier with her?!" he asked that question twice. "Because she understands better than me.! She's a celebrity... She gets it! She understands what you go through day-in and day-out! I don't, I'm just some girl from new York that you met on twitter!!" his face was getting paler and paler, yet some how I found him so hard to resist. He took three steps towards me pressing me against the wall, he put his hands softly in mine intertwining our fingers. "Look Harry I can't lose you, your all I want. Your all I need to be happy. Please don't be mad at me..." 
" I'm so sorry beautiful. I cant be made at you. I didn't wanna make you cry and I sure didn't mean to start a fight." he kissed my forehead and pulled me into a hug. 
Our first fight and it was all over that skinny bitch. We both had red puffy eyes and when we looked in the mirror we started laughing.
"We look like were on drugs.!" my hair was a mess and my face was pale.. His hair was alot messier than usual, honestly it was really sexy. His face was pale to and his eyes were like 10 times redder than mine. I looked over and realized we were in Harry's room. I walked over and crawled into his bed, he followed me. After this whole 45 minutes of fighting with him I had just realized his shirt was gone. He pulled me close and I put my head on his warm chest. I had waited almost a year to lay in the same bed with Harry. It was definitely not what I had anticipated. It was better.
His breathing slowed telling me he was asleep, and slowly I started falling asleep.

It was maybe a few hours later when I woke up still laying with Harry. I heard faint voices right outside the door. "They've been in there for hours... You think they could be doing it ?" Oh Zayn.... Dirty dirty Zayn. "Mate your stupid, they were fighting real bad. Didn't think we'd hear the end of it." slowly I stood up and put Harry's jacket on, smelled just like him. I love it.
I opened the door and saw Louis and Zayn standing at the door. They looked in and saw Harry sleeping and nodded walking away. I followed.

Zayns pov

After Jordie had heard me and Louis whispering at the door we had gone down stairs to the lounge room.
"What time is it anyway?" she still had the sleepy voice but it was cute with her new York accent. Her hair was in a messy bun and her eyes still looked watery from crying.. Well not watery more sparkly.. She was beautiful. No! Zayn what are you doing?! You can't think about Harry's girlfriend like that!! Are you crazy!!??
I looked to my watch to stop the thoughts "it's 3:30pm.... You guys had been in that room since 10:00am... We thought you guys had either died........or we're having make up sex.." she started giggling and biting her lip at the last part, its really cute.. Zayn stop!!!! I stood and did the world famous pelvic thrust. She laughed even harder. She was watching me.. I felt the heat run to my face and spread over my body. 
"Louissss!!!!!! I need to talk to youuu!!!! Nowwww!!!!" I couldn't hold it in, I needed to talk about her. To anyone but her Harry or the twins.

"What's up lad? You look flustered." Louis is always generally concerned about me. I looked at him with worry in my eyes.. He looked confused, "I think I umm... I think I have... Have feelings for someone... Aside from Perrie... Someone in this house. Right now." his eyes widened and he said "Who is she? It is a she right ?" he tried to remove the tension but it didn't work.. 
"It's.. It's Uhh it's Jordie..." his jaw dropped and my body heated up, I got butterflies and I couldn't think straight. Harry walked in right when I was about to explain.
"Hey have you guys seen Jordie?" just at the sound of her name I got goosebumps. "Last time we saw her she was in the lounge room but I'm not sure she's there still."

Harry's pov.

"Jordie? You in here?" nothing. I couldn't find her anywhere..
"Hey have you guys seen Jordie?" as soon as I said her name Zayn started acting funny. He stayed quiet, Louis answered "Last time we saw her she was in the lounge room but but not so sure she's in there anymore." I nodded my head and walked out to the lounge room.

There she is. She was laughing talking to Niall about food. She couldn't see me thank god. I stood there feeling kind of like a pedophile staring at her.. Haha I could feel a cheeky smile grow on my face then I got grossed out at my own thoughts. So I walked up behind her covering her eyes and using the worst New York accent I could. It sounded more Romanian actually... "Don't move and you'll be okay, I wouldn't wanna hurt a beautiful girl like you." she took my hand and licked every inch in seconds. "Ewwwww!" I wiped my hand and flipped her over my shoulder. I carried her outside by the pool took her phone and iPod putting in my pocket. She started screaming. "Harry!!! Harry don't you dare!! No no no no no!!!" she was holding on for dear life and I continued walking passed the pool. She sighed a sigh of relief, so I took her into my car. Put a blind fold on her ad started driving.

"Harry.. This is kidnapping... Why am I blindfolded?!" I just laughed, no response.

Jordie's pov.

"Harry.. This is kidnapping... Why am I blindfolded ?!" he laughed at me for a long minute. After about 15 more minutes in the car we came to a stop. My door opened and I felt a cold breeze and I shivered. Harry put his jacket around my shoulders.
We walked a few feet and he pulled the blindfold off. I rubbed my eyes and looked. The Buckingham Palace!
"Oh my god! Harry this is gorgeous!" I turnt to see him walking towards the guards. I ran after him "Where do you think your going?" no answer. He stood face-to-face with the guards and I finally realized what he was doing, he's trying to make them laugh! I joined and we tried to make about 30 different gaurds laugh, move, smile, flinch anything.. We got nothing. We decided to try one more, I grabbed his arm and lifted it to my eye level. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and bit down on his hand until my mouth was hurting. I sighed, nothing. We both doubled over laughing.

We got in the car and immediately intertwined our fingers. "So love, what do you wanna do now? It's only 5:00pm so we have a few hours before we can turn in for the night.." his voice was so deep and gentle, he was so easy to talk to. 
"HazzaBear.... I'm hungryyyy!" He laughed and so did I. "Whatchya in the mood for?" hmm I thought for a while then remembered that his favourite food is tacos!
"I want tacos!!" I said it fast and loud, so loud that he jumped and laughed. He nodded and pulled into a little fancy looking restaraunt. "Harry this looks to fancy, I'm not dressed for this!" he giggled and walked inside
I was wearing white skinny jeans, a purple tank top with a black cardigan, and some black high heels. But this was way to fancy for me. Harry was dressed far nicer. He was wearing black slacks, a white button up and dress shoes. Then it hit me, he planned this!

Harry's pov.

I pulled into my favourite taco place. It's got more than tacos though, it's a pretty nice restaraunt. "Harry this looks to fancy. I'm not dressed for this!" she looked amazing. I walked inside and got us a table for two. I came out when it was ready.
"Harry, when I said a taco place I meant something like taco bell nothing fancy like this. This must so expensive." I almost doubled over laughing. "You act like I can't afford it or something!" she stiffed a laugh. We ordered, we ate, we talked, I complimented her, she blushed, I told a cheesey joke, she laughed even harder, she yawned, I took her home. We got in the car and started home. It was about a 30 minute drive. She asked me to sing little things for her so as I did she fell asleep. I carried her to my room and laid her down. As I covered her she looked at me, "Harry...?" she still had the sleepiness in her voice. It was kinda sexy. I sat down on the bed "Harry will you lay with me please? I'm freezing." I smiled and nodded my head. "Let me get changed and I'll lay with you." I took off my shirt and changed into my sweatpants, then I laid down with her falling into a long deep sleep almost immediately.

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