Jordie Katniss And Kimberly Were Having A Normal Day When Jordie All Of The Sudden Gets A Tweet From The One And Only Harry Styles. Things Happen, Feelings Are Brought Up And They Fall In Love. But What Happens When Harry Flies The Girls To London, Feelings Change. And Old Feelings Brought Back ? Maybe "Gravity" Can Bring People Together, Where They Belong.


3. Oh My God Harry !


Katniss's pov. "KIMBERLY WEARS MY TANK TOP!?" Asking her was probably pointless but it was worth a shot.  "STOP SCREAMING IM RIGHT HERE YOU IDIOT!!!" My sister laughs at everything. Then I opened HER closet to find MY tank top right up front. I rolled my eyes, we have school in 30 minutes and Kimberly knows how hard I try to impress Jimmy, he's a jock but a very smart and sweet one. He's nothing like the other jocks and I really really like him. * 1 hour later * I was sitting in my world history class, me and Jimmy sat together. He walked in looking cuter than ever. He always wore his jersey on game day. And today that's what he wore, he had on tight dark denim jeans, and red converse to match our school colors. Red, black, and white. He had white paint splashed on his pants. "Hey you!" His voice bounced around in my head. "Hey Jimmy! How was your weekend ?" As class went on so did the small talk. "Hey KittyKatt ? Can I ask you something ?" He started calling me KittyKatt when he saw a picture of my small black kitten, Ellie. "Of course every thing okay?" "Oh I hope so... you think you would like to go to the winter formal with me ?" his sweet gentle voice was so quiet it almost went unheard, but me being so in love with him I heard every word that escaped from his lips. I felt the heat spread throughout my body. "Oh Jimmy.. I would love to!" I replied to him with a huge smile and he kissed my cheek. Jordie's pov.   I haven't talked to Harry in almost 2 days. I was going crazy. Me; Hey Hazzabear! Haven't talked in a while how's it going ? Harry; hey my beautiful Jordie! Not so good. I'm going absolutely crazy not being able to see your smiling face every day;) Oh! Em! Gee! Is Harry flirting with me ? Me; Awww :$ that is so sweet! Lucky for me I see your smiling face everywhere! Harry; haha lucky you! Bet they aren't even good pictures xD Me; oh I beg to differ! Any picture of Harry styles is a good picture ! Harry; oh your to sweet! So hey where are you ? Me; just getting home why? Harry; you get a package ? Me; yeah how did you- Just then my phone buzzed in my hand.. Harry's calling. I get to hear his voice ! "HazzaBear! How did you know I got a package ?" "Duuh I sent it beautiful ! Now open it before I personally come tackle you!" I blushed at the thought of Harry bursting through the door cause I didn't open his package. "Maybe I should open this then! I wouldnt want the scary Harry tackling me.. Hey! That rhymes!" I heard him laughing and continued opening the box. What I saw amazed me!  "Oh my God! Harry this is amazing! Thank you!" The box was full. Inside wasn't alot but boy it was full. On top was a purple jacket that at first I didn't recognize. I pulled it out and on it in bold black letters read "Jack Wills" it's Harry's hoodie! Underneath that was a picture of him and the boys that made me smile. There were a few notes that I would read later. But the one gift that caught me off gaurd was all the way at the bottom. On it read "July 17th 2013 12:45pm flight #CK80195 Ms Jordie Anne Jergins. Kimberly Marie Jones, and Katniss Prim Jones." I felt a tear slip down my cheek, Harry was quiet so I guess he knew I found it. "So what do you think, love ?" I took a deep breath. "Harry, I have no idea what to say! Thank you so much! I really wish I could hug you right now.!" "I'll let you talk to the twins about it! Talk to you soon." "Okay Harry.." "Oh and Jordie ?" "yes?" "I love you....." Harry's pov. "Oh and Jordie ?" "Yes?" I hesitated at why I stopped her but then I realized.... So I told her, "I love you...." I heard her take in a deep breath.. I hoped it wasnt to soon, after all it had already been 4 months since we started talking. "I... I love you to Harry!" She said this with so much confidence, it sounded like she's been saying it her whole life and we hung up. After about an hour I realized what had just happened. Me and the lads had been on our way to Starbucks in complete silence. "OH MY GOD I TOLD HER I LOVE HER!!!!" Liam and Zayn exchanged a glance then Zayn handed him 5 bucks. Had they really bet on us? "I'm glad your settling down lad!" Nialls sincere voice cooed me. Hours had gone by and I hadn't said a word to anyone about how it went with Jordie. My phone started ringing. Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me but bare this in mind it was meant to be Gemma. I didn't really feel like listening to her gossip.. But I answered anyway. "Gemm baby what's up?" she was crying.  "Harry... Can I come over? I need someone.." I felt horrible so I let her come. She's my little sister I couldn't say no. 10 minutes later she came through the door puffy eyed and shakey. I immediately ran to hold her while she cried.. "Gemm.. What's wrong ?" I guided her to the couch as she explained to me what happened.. Long long long story very very very short..... She got dumped by some douche that wanted her for sex. My sister is beautiful, she's tall with long evenly tanned legs. She had long brown hair with light blonde streaks. Her eyes are just like mine, green/blue. Most of all....she has curves. Jordie's pov. "Mom! Oh my god mom look what Harry sent me!" I pulled out the tickets and like always she could care less. I ran to the twins to show them.. In less than 10 minutes I was at their house. I expected to walk into arguing like always but not today. Today it was Jimmy and Katniss doubled over laughing on the couch. I walked to their room to see Kimberly on twitter listening to 'wmyb'.  "Hey Jay." she started calling me that when we had first met. Katniss loved my name do she refused to nickname me. Soon something I had never expected... Just happened...
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