Jordie Katniss And Kimberly Were Having A Normal Day When Jordie All Of The Sudden Gets A Tweet From The One And Only Harry Styles. Things Happen, Feelings Are Brought Up And They Fall In Love. But What Happens When Harry Flies The Girls To London, Feelings Change. And Old Feelings Brought Back ? Maybe "Gravity" Can Bring People Together, Where They Belong.


6. It All Started Great....Then, Liam And Jordie ?!


Eleanor's pov

Jordie and Harry had come back late last night. She was passed out in his arms when they came in the house. They went to bed as soon as they got home. They are so cute together!
The last couple of days with Lou have been absolutely amazing.. I think he's up to something.
"Hello, love! Wanna take a walk?" see! Lou hates taking walks! He knows I love them so something's up, "Of course baby, where you wanna go ?" that came out a little to enthusiastic... Haha! "The park of course." he is soo sassy!
15 minutes later we found ourselves walking through the park.

"Ele.. Love can we talk ?" I nodded my head and started getting so nervous, "We've been together for two years now. I've enjoyed every minute we've spent, you've stayed with me through everything. The hate from the fans, the tours, and being mobbed by fans. And yet your still here. I love you more so so much!" I turnt my head to see Louis on bent down in front of me. Sitting on one knee. With a box. And a tear in his eye.
"Eleanor J Calder... Will you please do me the honor of being my wife ?" I could feel it... The butterflies, the lump in my throat, and there were tears in my eyes, "Oh my God.. Louis ! I.... Baby I would love to!!" I don't know how I managed to get any words out through the tears.
"OH MY GOD LOUIS TOMLINSON JUST PURPOSED TO ELEANOR! FINALLY!!" fans were starting to notice us and saw him ask me. He took my hand and I pulled him into a slow passionate kiss, that kiss told him all if my feelings in a split second.

Katniss's pov

It's been 3 days in London with the boys and we have had fun I didn't know was possible. 
your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the doooor my phone
"Well its nice to hear that voice again.. It's been 3 days.." Jimmy oh my god I haven't called him. "Jimmy! Oh god I am so sorry! I miss you so much !" Just as I said that Zayn walked in, "Ooooo Katniss is on the phone with a boyyy!!!!" 
"Katniss... It doesnt seem like you miss me.. Your always with the boys.. We haven't talked. At all.." 
"Jimmy! You know I miss you, I'm in London we can't talk, either I'm asleep or you are! What do you want me to do? And of course im always with the boys! I came here to see them!"
"Katniss...your not getting it. It's like you don't want to talk to me.." I started crying, Zayn wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his chest. I was still on the phone with Jimmy "What are you saying ?! Are you breaking up with me?!" he was quiet, that's usually how he answered a hard question.. "Fine! I hope your happy Jimmy!" I hung up and through the phone across the room. My chest and head felt like they were gonna explode at any second. Zayn was still holding and my cries got louder.

Zayns pov

I walked into the twins room to see Katniss on the phone. I caught her in the middle of a sentence "I am so sorry! I miss you so much!" ooo it's a boyy! "Oooooo Katniss is on the phone with a boyyyy!" messing with her was to fun.. She started yelling at him, I really didn't pay much attention to what she said but she started crying and I took her into my arms. With her head in my chest she still yelled at him.
"Fine! I hope your happy Jimmy!" I caught the last of their fight and she through her phone across the room. Her cries got louder and louder in my jacket. "Katniss... Wanna talk about it?" she sat up and looked at me, her eyes were really red and puffy, "He broke up with me.. Because I'm here with you guys and not talking to him everyday like he wants.. I don't think he understands what being here means to me. He knows how much I love you guys.....I just don't think he gets it.." I nodded my head so she knew I was listening.. She kept talking and I started to realize just how beautiful she was. Her pink and dark brown hair looked perfect against her tanned skin. Her eyes were a faint blue/ green and they sparkle every time the light hits them. She started falling asleep on my shoulder so I laid her down and covered her with the sheets. "Zayn, don't leave please..." the sadness in her voice persuaded me to stay. We passed out together..

Jordie's pov.

I woke up and looked at the clock. 10;00am, perfect. I reached over to Harry. He's not there. I stood up, grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower. I took a pretty long shower.. About 30 minutes.. I got out and put on my favorite outfit hoping me and Harry could have fun today. I put on my purple shorts, a black tank top and my white converse. I put my hair in a bun and a bow right in front.

"Hey gorgeous I thought you were still asleep." Harrys sweet deep voice put a smile on my face. "Nope I took a shower.. Warmest shower ever.." He pulled me into a hug then lifted me into a kiss. "You smell amazingly good!" his whispering was kinda sexy.. Haha!

Harry's pov.

I woke up around 9o'clock.. Jordie was curled up by my side, still sleeping quietly. God she's beautiful. I slowly stood up careful not to wake her. I went downstairs to see Katniss on the couch with Zayn laughing. I made myself some breakfast and about an hour and a half later Jordie came down completely dressed. "Hey gorgeous I though you were still sleeping." she smiled and made my heart do a back flip. "Nope, I took a shower... warmest shower ever.." I pulled her in to a hug and lifted her into a kiss. "You smell amazingly good." she told me she loves when guys whisper in her ear.

I kiss her on the forehead and went upstairs to get dressed. As I'm walking passed the twins room I hear Zayns voice. We hadn't realized they left..
"Kat...don't worry about him. Iknow you love him but he couldn't trust you. And not to mention he broke up with you over the phone, that means he isn't brave enough to-" silence.. Idont know what happened but she must have cut Zayn off. I continue walking taking a glance into the room to see Katniss holding the back of Zayns neck and she's holding him while they kiss. I laughed and got dressed. 
I put on a purple t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and my white converse. I wanna take Jordie to the London eye today. I think she would love it. I went back downstairs, Zayn and Katniss holding hands.. I suspected as much due to the kiss. "Hey so since Lou and Ele and Li and Kim are doing their own thing why don't us four go to the London eye. What do you say?" they nodded and we headed out.

Zayns pov.

A while after we left to the London eye we got a little surprise, an unknown voice called out. But not to us. "Katniss? Jordie!? What are you guys doing here! And with Zayn and Harry!?" the girls exchanged looks and put on the fakest smiles we've ever seen. "Oh my god! Lee Anne! What a surprise !" Jordie had fake enthusiasm that anyone could fall for. "God Lee Anne you look great!" Katniss hates her. I can see it in her eyes she wants to beat her face in. Haha. I wanted to save them.. I was to late. "God Jordie I figured with your looks you would be with somebody as ugly as Niall. But I bet his taste is so much better than you though.. But Harry shes not good enough for you..." that was like a punch in the gut for all of us, "Who the hell do you think you are talking about Niall like that?! He's is anything BUT ugly, if you wanna see ugly why don't you go put your glasses on! Me and Katniss can easily tell the boys about your ninth grade fantasies about them... Bet none of them would be with you then..." I couldn't help it I had to laugh. Lee Anne then jumped for Jordie, We grabbed the girls and carried them far away from her but she wouldn't give up. She followed.. "Zayn let me go! I've wanted to beat her for years! Please!" I didn't answer. "What's the matter Zayn ? You don't want your girlfriend getting hurt ? So....I'm not the only one who knows she can't fight ? Did I mention she's to ugly for you ?" that was it... I let her go and she ran, "Don't you know when to stop you bitch ?!" WHAM! We turnt our heads and started cracking up. Katniss took some kids cheese fries and slammed her face into them. I paid the kid for more. "OH MY GOD THOSE FRIES ARE HOT YOU BITCH!!!" "Lee Anne, sweetie.... That's the idea..." Wow these girls are PISSED.. I'm glad we gave them confidence. But the papz wet e coming so we left.

Nialls pov.

I woke up at 12;00. It's quiet... I go down to the drive and see... Everyone's gone. I take that to my advantage and call Demi. I decided I would take Jordie's advice and ask her out. "Demi ! Hey, you in Cheshire today?" "I am actually!" I mentally high fived myself. "Well what do you say we have lunch and watch a movie ?" she agreed and headed over.

About 30 minutes later*
"Niall!!!!" Demi let herself in as I was getting out of the shower. "Hey let me get dressed!! Be down in a jiff!" she laughs when I say 'jiff ' so I always say it around her. 
I came downstairs and saw her looking around. She looks like the Demi I first met in the xtra factor. She has long brown her down her back, she turnt around and literally took my breath away. "You get more and more beautiful every time I see you." her face turnt red. "Don't I get a hug?" she walked over and hugged me. After about 4 hours we had already watched 3 1/2 movies and we had both fallen asleep during the last one, "Don't blame me Louis! That stupid attendant was annoying me!" Liam woke me but not Demi.. "Liam calm down Louis isn't made right Lou ?!" I was staring at them "Right Li I'm not mad.. Just annoyed at that stu- well I guess you had fun.." I assumed it was directed at me so I nodded.

Harry's pov.

"What the hell was she doing here?! Ugh I can't stand her!" Jordie really doesn't like her. "What did she do to make you two hate her so much?" I was curious..
"Well not only is she a stuck up snob but she tormented, bullied, and teased us our entire lives starting at grade 1. She even admited as we were friends for a year that she's jealous of all 3 of us. She's mad that we're pretty. Now she's most likely made were with you." Katniss's voice was shakey. Zayn kissed her forehead.. "Zayn.....what happened with Perrie ?" his eyes went wide like he had hoped nobody would ask.. 
"I uh....I broke up with her last night.. I told her why and everything.." 
"Oh god.. I broke up Zerrie... Now I'm gonna be hated around the world... Oh god oh god.." we couldn't help but laugh at her.

Katniss pov
*4 hours later..*

"My hands smell like cheese fries.. It's so gross..." I hate cheese fries.. So does she so it's okay! Haha I laughed at the thought of her face covered in cheese..

I was looking at Zayn and I can't believe I never noticed before but damn he's a stunning guy. 
His tattoos make him even sexier. His brown eyes sparkled as he watched me watch him. He caught me red handed but I cold by tear my eyes away from him.
His breathing was short, his chest slowly rised then fell, and rised and fell.. He held his breath when he noticed I was staring at his chest. His lips were perfect, not pink but not pale.. Kind of a pale tan. They had almost the shape of a heart to.. He's hard to resist, I soon found myself sitting on his lap kissing him. Wow, I guess you don't notice yourself moving when your staring. He lifted me and carried to his bed, laying on top of me. He kissed me down my neck stopping at my chest. He looked at me as if he was asking my approval so I nodded. He took my shirt off and kissed down my stomach. He stopped at my pants and I again nodded.

Soon we found our legs and lips tangled. We were both in our underwear and had quiet moans coming out of our mouths. I was mentally begging him for more. It's like he heard me cause he pushed me against the bed again kissing down my stomach stopping at my..... Lady area. He smirked and took me by surprise. He pulled off my pink victoria secret underwear, he didn't touch me though. He pulled out a condom instead and I smiled. Well you know what happens next.. I'll spare you the details.

Harry's pov
I walked into my room thinking Jordie was in the bathroom but when I walked in I saw her changing her shirt. I caught her as she had on her underwear, putting on... Liam's shirt ? Then I saw Liam in the room.. What just happened ?

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