Jordie Katniss And Kimberly Were Having A Normal Day When Jordie All Of The Sudden Gets A Tweet From The One And Only Harry Styles. Things Happen, Feelings Are Brought Up And They Fall In Love. But What Happens When Harry Flies The Girls To London, Feelings Change. And Old Feelings Brought Back ? Maybe "Gravity" Can Bring People Together, Where They Belong.


2. Is It Really Love ?


Harry's pov

This afternoon I probably set the world record for the longest shower. It's not my fault though, it's her fault. Jordie. She's all I can think of, I think of her so much. Thinking about her makes me smile. Therefore thinking of her makes my cheeks hurt.

"Hello boys how are you today?" I heard Paul in the lounge room talking to the guys. As soon as I was on my way in I got a text.

My beautiful Jordie<3; Well Goodmorning Harry Styles(: did I keep you from sleeping ?
Me; Well Goodmorning My Beautiful Jordie(; No you didn't, we did the Skype early in the morning. When you fell asleep it was just after 5pm.

"Harryyyy! What was it you had planned todayyy ?" Niall yells really loud. I walk into the lounge room and explain that I wanted to surprise Jordie by sending her a few things I thought she might enjoy. On the phone I had learnt alot about her. 
"Harry idont know.. You don't really know this girl, are you sure you wanna commit to her so soon ?" it's just Paul looking out for me and I totally respect that but idont know Jordie's different than the other girls I've "fallen" for. I've always fallen for older women that I don't really know. But Jordie's a 16 year old who I've never met in person but in the last 10 hours I've told her more about myself then I've told the lads in the last 6 months. "Haz, what do you know about her really?" 
"I know she's gonna talk her mom into gettin her a drum set, she loves to write poems and stories, she wants to be an actress, she would love to be a model, and when she turnt 15 her parents started to have real bad problems. Her and her sister went out of town for about 3or 4 months and her dad didn't call, or text either one of them the entire time. When her mom picked her up from the airport she broke the news that her dad moved out. About 3 months after he left her mom told her that he cheated on her and when he moved out he moved in with her. 
I wanna send her something that tells her even though she went through all of that there are still people around who care...." I looked at Niall and Liam, they had tears in their eyes. I don't blame them. Hearing that story from an angelic voice thats crying broke my heart and made me tear up to.

"Well Haz, sounds like you got this all under control. We'll leave you to it then." Paul reassured me. 
*Ding ding! Jordie finally texted back. I asked her address so I could send it today. I grabbed my keys and headed for my sleek black ford. On my way to the car I realized her summer vacation is coming soon... Maybe I could send her plane tickets to fly here and meet us all in person.. Her and the twins. I bet she would love that. But I don't know if the guys and Paul would love that.. It's okay I have months to think about that.

"Ahhhhhhh Harry freakin Styles ! No way no way no way!" Wow I never realized how annoying British girls truly are.. I've had Jordies adorable American New York accent in my head all day.
"Hello ladies...."
" Oh come on Harry now your calling us ladies ? Just the other day you were sitting in the lounge calling us beautiful women." I cleared my head and realized who I was looking at. The 3 ladies I wanted to be with so madly, they had their little sisters with them now. 
"Uhhh yeah sorry ladies.... Didn't realize it was you. Kinda in a rush sorry, bye!" As soon as the light turnt green they were just spots in my rear view mirror.

Louis's pov.

"So you think Harry will really commit to Jordie ?" Liam and I have been really examining this relationship... "It's a possibility. Girls usually don't trust just any guy with that kind of info. And he really seems to like her, he might be able to commit to her. " Wow Liams right..

Just then the most amazing girl I've ever known walked in. Eleanor J. Calder. I'm madly in love with her and every day I give Haz a massive thank you for introducing us. I gave her a hug and started spinning her around. I haven't seen her in weeks. I set her down and gave her the WORLDS most passionate kiss. It was so deep and so slow I heard a low moan escape. I started snickering and I could feel her smile against my lips. We explained Haz's newfound love and she found it absolutely amazing. "Well Ele, I think me and you should go somewhere special." 
"We should go to dinner..." she suggested. "HA! That's so original, I have a surprise for you. And I'm not taking no for an answer, it's the sassmaster at work!" she laughs at me whenever I call myself that but when it's a directioner it's normal..hmm problem?

*1hour later* 
After riding 1 big red bus and taking a taxi we were on a corner. I pulled out a blind fold, this was perfect. I pulled her up many flights of stairs and when we finally reached our destination she was complaining about her feet killing her. "Your feet won't be the only ones killing you…" I mumbled. We were currently standing on a roof over looking the city that had a perfect view of the London eye and I know how much she loves it. I had an old friend set up a picnic right in the center do she could see the view. "You ready Ele ?" she nodded and I took off the blindfold. The sun had just gone down and the lights were beautiful, she gasped so hard I thought she was gonna faint. "Lou, this is absolutely beautiful! But what's the occasion ?" My jaw dropped. "Does there have to be a reason to spoil my girlfr- to spoil the love of my life?" Her eyes filled with tears and she kissed my cheek. I pulled her close and whispered in her ear "Eleanor J Calder, I love you so much." I put my hands on her back kissing her neck not wanting to let we go. But then I feel like Niall and my stomach starts growling.. She looks at my stomach then we sit, eat, and talk for hours.

Jordie's pov.

"God mom why do you have to be such a cheep bitch ?! Can't you give me at least $10.00 to get your grand-son some lunch ??? I'm told to babysit yet MY mom can't even spare $10!!! God you suck!" I take my almost 1 year old nephew to my room so we can dig up as much as we can.. My phone rings and I don't even look at who it is "What?" I snapped into the phone.. I hear a gasp then a deep breath. " Jordie ? Are you okay ?" It's a deep voice I've never heard on the phone but I know exactly who it is. "Zayn...oh God I am so sorry...." I start crying and apologizing like crazy. "Woah woah sweetheart relax talk to me what's wrong ?" his voice is so calming, it makes me wanna talk to Harry.. But he said he'd be busy today. I explain to Zayn what happened and he tells me that everything is okay and that I have nothing to worry about. As I hang up my nephew, Jackson is passed out on my bed. Feeling beaten and tired I lay down next to him and fall asleep. I remember summer '09 I wanna go back like pressing rewind I wake up to my phone blaring in my ear. Katniss is calling. "Yeah? Hello?" I answer. "Jordie! When was the last time you checked Harris twitter ???" she was practically screaming at me, when you were here why?!" Kimberly cut in "Just look! Now!" I got up trying not to wake Jackson I walked to my laptop and logged into my twitter. Suddenly I see a picture so I click on it. "Oh my God! It's me! Why is that posted ? Don't answer that..." I read the caption and it said "Hello fans! Iknow you all like to believe the Haylor rumor but it's all a lie... I'm totally 100% single and totally 100% NOT dating Taylor Swift! The girl you see in this picture is my new best friend(: she's Jordie! Follow her(: Kay bye!"

"I don't get it... Why would he tell them to follow me ? And what do I have to do with Haylor ?" they have no idea.... Big help they are. We hang up and I take Jackson to a diner not to far from the house , my sister gave us enough money to eat. Curious, I send a text to Harry asking him about the tweet. He said he wanted to tell the world about me, and deny Haylor. 
I text Harry about an hour later. 
Me; Harry?
Harry; Jordie?
Me; Did you mean it? That I'm your bestfriend?
Harry; of course dear, I wouldn't be able to lie about it if I tried. 
I smile and feel the heat rush to my cheeks.
Me; can I confess something?
Harry; anything dear.
I hesitate.. I wanna tell him how I feel but what if he doesnt feel the same ? What if I ruin it all ?
Me; I really wanna come see you guys.. But I'm flat broke and scared..
Harry; oh baby.. It's okay, that's nothing to be ashamed about. And what's got you scared?
Harry Styles called me baby!
Me; honestly… you do.. What if you get this huge expectation and when we meet I'm nothing that you want? What if I let you down? How could I ever live with that ?
Harry; ooh Jordie sweetie that's nothing to be scared about, you wanna know what my expectation of you is ?
Me; only of it's good.
Harry; haha of course it is. I think that when I finally meet you your not going to look anything like any of the pictures I've seen… I'm honestly afraid of you being way to gorgeous for me.
Me; o: wow... Hazzabear, that's absolutely ridiculous, I would never be to pretty for you!.
Harry; your crazy love... But. I hate to say but I gotta go.. Lots of love to you, bye(:<3 
Me; bye<3(:

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