Jordie Katniss And Kimberly Were Having A Normal Day When Jordie All Of The Sudden Gets A Tweet From The One And Only Harry Styles. Things Happen, Feelings Are Brought Up And They Fall In Love. But What Happens When Harry Flies The Girls To London, Feelings Change. And Old Feelings Brought Back ? Maybe "Gravity" Can Bring People Together, Where They Belong.


4. Is It Over For Harry And Jordie ?


Chapter 4

Jordies pov.
"KIMBERLY!! OH MY GOD YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't remember so much beauty!" I was so confused. This guy is just so random...! He had a think jersey accent, I turnt around to see who he was. What I saw shocked me.
"Kellin?! What are you doing here!?" I wasn't yelling for long and my throat was hurting already. "I thought the words 'I never wanna see you again' made it clear she didn't wanna see you ever again! Are you craz-" 
"Jay! Jay calm down! He's doing me a favor..... Did you bring it?" when she asked him she was so calm. He pulled out an envelop that said 'Kimberly' in thick black letters. He handed it to her told her he would text her kissed her cheek and walked out.

"KimmyBear... Whats that?" I've been calling her KimmyBear since…… since I can remember.. 
"And why did you have him bring it? I thought the fact he cheated on you 3 times made up your mind that he was out of your life.." just then Katniss came in. She looked both confused and angry. 
"Kimmy answer her, we both wanna know. We won't be mad just worried... Talk to us.... We're your sisters.." her eyes welled up with tears as she opened the envelop. My eyes widened, 3 tickets to Cheshire London England.. I pulled out my tickets as well as her eyes went wide to.
"Jay what's that?" I explained where I got the tickets and when we were going. "What are we supposed to do now? We can't just blow off 3 tickets.." I sat there and thought about it.... "Nobody knows we met the boys so we have to, we have to blow off the tickets. We can't tell anybody were going to see them. They would call us crazy and they wouldn't believe us, do you realize how many directioners go to our school?" they nodded and agreed.
"We could sell them to someone on the other side of the country, they won't know us and we can just mail them." Sometimes Katniss comes up with some good ideas.

Harry's pov.

I'm so excited for the girls to come. I hope Kimberly doesn't do anything crazy, she's known around the house for that. I snickered at the thought of her jumping us, Jordie had told me Kimberly wanted to jump us before she knew us. Gemma had fallen asleep on my couch so I went to my room and asked Liam to hang out.

"Hey Haz how's it goin ?" Liam walked into my room bouncy and excited. "Hey Li, goin pretty good. Jordie's coming for the summer. The twins are to." his eyes snapped up from his phone and suddenly got really wide. "Li? Li you okay?" He's never acted like this, slowly a creepy pedo smile rose on his face.
"That…… that means Kimberly's coming.. That's… that's gonna be fun.." 
" Li, what's going on In that head of yours ?" I couldn't help but laugh at him. He's creepy sometimes. "We've been… talking… alot. I really like her. Like... Like her like her.. She's really sweet and funny and stuff.. Alot like JayJay.." did he just call Jordie...JayJay ?!

Liams pov.

"Did you just call Jordie JayJay ? Since when do you call her JayJay?" I couldn't tell if he was mad or confused.. I think it was a little bit of both.
"Well we skyped and she said it was okay. She said she told you to but you refused.. I didn't think it was a big deal..." His face went from angry to hurt. "Haz you alright? If you don't like it I'll stop…" he shook his head no and picked up his phone. 
"Jordie? Hey beautiful... What's up ?……… that's good to hear... Well I was thinking why don't I change your flight to sooner? Iknow how much you wanna see us what would it hurt..? Good, how about June 10th ? Great!"

Was he doing this to make me jealouse of HIS girl? Soon I got a text from Kimberly;
Kimberly; Hey Li! Harry says he can change out flight to sooner! Isn't that great!
Me; I don't think he's doing it for the reason you think love..
Kimberly; Why is he doing it then ?
Me; I think he's trying to make me jealouse of him and JayJay
Kimberly; would that really make you jealouse?
Me; No not at all, I think he thinks since I call her JayJay I like her..
Kimberly; that's crazy! Your mine! Lol
Me; leave it to you to make things better! 
Kimberly; Duh Li, so can we talk ?

Kimberly's pov

Me; Duh Li! So can we talk?
Liam; sure call text or Skype ?
Me; Skype please(:

Several minutes went by before we were on Skype..
"So Li I've been thinking… we've been talking for like 2 months and I really like you and you know that.." he was nodding his head really slowly. "So umm do you think-" Harry came bursting through Liam's door with so much anger and power that it made me jump.. "Harry! What is wrong with you?!" he ran his hands thru his hair and waved to me so I waved back.
"Hey KimmyBear sorry to interrupt you guys.. I just wanted to talk to Liam.. Ill leave you talk now...bye..." he walked out and pulled the door shut. I cleared my throat and Liam started talking. "So to follow up on what you said I have a question.. Kimberly will you be my girlfriend ?" my eyes filled with tears and my face heated up. I couldn't speak so I nodded my head yes as fast as I could.
"Okay so now that we have that determined... I was thinking about dying my hair.. Katniss wants hers with bright pink underneath so I can't do that.. Since my hairs black why don't I do purple?" I know his favorite color is purple so I decided why not let him choose.. He smiled the cutest smile ever.
"Doooo itttt!" He chanted that about ten more times.. We stayed in Skype for like hours more. I plugged in my laptop and laid down. He had fallen asleep and I didn't wanna end the call so I just left it. All night(:

6 months later* June 10th 2013
Jordie's pov.

"Bye mom! I'm leaving and won't be back a few months.. Maybe a few years.. I'm going to London with Harry you don't need me so byee!"
I grabbed my huge duffle bag and purse and walked out the door with no response from my mom. She just watched me walk out.

I walked into the twins house to see them walking down stairs with duffle bags as well. "We need to stop and see Jimmy.. I need to say goodbye." Katniss had tears in her eyes. So I told her we could go by his place.

Jimmy's pov.

I was sitting on my bed in the dark staring at the bedside table when the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and saw Katniss looking as beautiful as ever. She had dyed her hair pink underneath so when she wore her hair in braids like now it was like a twist of dark brown and pink.
"Hey beautiful! What- wait your leaving today thats right! Oh my god I'm gonna miss you so much!" 
She had tears in her eyes. They were puffy but still beautiful, the blue in them was sparkling. 
"Baby...I might stay with them for year 12... Me and the girls were talking about it in the car....

Katniss's pov.

"Baby...I might stay with them for year 12... Me and the girls were talking about it in the car..." that was the hardest thing I've ever had to tell him.
"No!" Jimmy protested! Just then I laughed and he had no idea why... "Sorry baby...." I looked at my watch and started crying. "I need to go love.. I'll call you, text you, Skype you, I'll send letters.. I'll do anything to talk to you. I love you so so much!" he pulled me into a big warm Horan hug. "Baby I love you to. Text me when you land so I know your okay.. Iknow I'll be asleep but idont care." I nodded my head.. I can't believe I'm leaving. From the car I heard Jordie call my name. I stood on my toes and gave him a long loving kiss and turt to walk away when I heard a sniffle. I turnt gave him one last kiss and ran before we cried even more..

"Hey Kitty... You okay ?" Kimberly looked at me with caring eyes. I nodded and got in the car. 
"Well look at the bright side boo! We get to see the boys! In person! For the entire summer!" some how Jordie has way to much energy but she managed a smile out of me. My phone rang.
oppa gangnam style! Ayyye sexy laday!! Opp opp oppa gangnam style! I can't help but laugh whenever it rings!
"Ayyyye sexyy ladaaay!? Hahaha hello ?"
"Hahaha! A massive thank you for the laugh love!" Louis' voice rang. Through the phone so quietly! "Harry asked me to call and make sure you 'sexyy ladaaaays' got to the airport okay..? He would call but he's on this wierd binge that the house is a mess and doesn't want Jordie to see it so 'messy'!" I started laughing so hard.

"Awwwwe! Well he can relax a little I don't think anything can be as messy as Jordies room!" I heard her laughing.
We hung up and started blaring the boys new cd, "tmh".

Harry's pov.

It's been about 16 hours since we talked to the girls and I'm getting more and more nervous. Zayn keeps messing with me saying she's gonna hate me. Not helping!

*Ding Dong!
Oh God! The girls are here... Without thinking I put on sweatpants and just ran not letting anyone else open the door.

"Helloo?" that small voice, the cute fake British accent. I knew immediately who was at the door. 
"oh my good God! Jordie, baby!" I felt heat run up my body and to my face. It was like slow motion, she ran up to me for a hug and wrapped her arms around my neck. I spun her around and got to hear her giggling in my ear.

Jordies pov.

I rang the doorbell with shakey fingers. Slowly the door opened.
"Helloo?" I heard a gasp and a laugh then the door swung open completely. A shirtless sexy Harry appeared around the corner. 
"Oh my God! Jordie, baby!" he pulled me into a hug and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He spun me around and I couldn't help but giggle. When he set me down the boys all came walking up slowly. Without hesitating Kimberly ran to Liam hugging him and kissing his cheeks. Katniss cleared her throat and spoke up "Umm.. I have to pee..." we laughed at her and she blushed. Zayn took her upstairs where she could pee. Harry took my bag and put it in his room looking to me for approval. I nodded then walked straight into his arms.

"HazzaBear you have no idea how happy I am to finally be able to see your face again."
"Aww Jordie I think I do. Now stand back let me look at you!" I took a few steps back and he just stared at me. I could feel the heat on my face. He smiled at my embarrassment. He came close to me and whispered in my ear.
"Your wearing my jacket... Looks good on you." He used the tip of his finger to tilt my chin back. "God your eyes look even better in front of me." His lips inched closer and closer to mine. I didn't dare move I had been waiting for this for years I'm not gonna ruin it.

Harry's pov.

My lips came closer and closer to hers. I've waited for this for months I didn't wanna ruin it. 
"Harryyyyy! I didnt get a huuug!!!" Goddamnit Kimberly! Neither of us moved hoping she wouldn't come in here. I moved the last inch and our lips finally met, her soft lips moved in sync with mine. This by far was the most amazing kiss I've ever had.
"Oh Harry- nevermind! Ignore me! Just gonna leave you two be! I'll get a hug later...." I felt a smile grow on her lips and she started laughing. She took a step back.
"My turn to look at you!" oh God.. I didn't even notice when I went down stairs that I wasn't wearing a shirt. Now that she looks at me I get embarrassed.. But I wasn't the one turning red. Her face went from perfectly tanned to bright red. I reached for a shirt but she stopped me and handed me my jacket.
Standing on her tippy toes she whispered in my ear. "It doesn't smell like you anymore... It needs to.." she kissed my cheek and walked away. When she walks her hips swing slowly side to side.

Liam's pov.

I sat in the lounge room while Kimberly went to get a hug from Harry when all if the sudden I hear her laughing while coming down the stairs. 
She stopped just at the bottom of the stairs and leaned on the wall.
"Looks like one happy relationship got a kiss... Hmmm so when do I get MY happy relationship kiss?" I started laughing and walked towards her taking her in my arms. I pulled her close. Our lips were literally centimeters apart. I guess she couldnt wait cause she pulled me the rest of the way. Pressing her lips against mine softly. 
"Awwwww look at the happy couples first kissss!!" oh Niall.. He has such bad timing..

Nialls pov.

I was making myself a sandwich in the kitchen and got really bored... "God, this has to be the most amazing sandwich I've had in me life!" I mumbled to myself. I walked into the lounge room and saw Liam and Kimberly having a snog. I like to call them Kiam or Liamberly! Haha!
"Awww look at the happy couples first kisss!" Liam turnt his head to me with his cheeks bright red.
Harry came down the stairs lifting Kimberly out of his way. He had Jordie on his back and his favorite jacket on.
"Wow I really need a girlfriend..-.- anyone wanna help?" Jordie chimed in, "Why don't you just ask Demi out ?" my face heated up and I knew it turnt red so I shoved my sandwich in my mouth and sat down. Just as I sat down someone knocked on the door. Harry got it and all we could hear was "Taylor!? What are-" I looked over to see Taylor Swift smashing her lips on his... Uh-oh goodbye Jarry! Or Hordie... Haven't decided yet... But anyway...

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