A girl named Janela NEVER really like One Direction. She promised she wouldn't fall for any of them. But, sometimes promises are just meant to be broken. How do the boys feel about her?


7. Wait, WHAT?!

Harry was in the shower and the boys and I we're just talking in the bedroom. Bzz..Bzz! I hear a phone vibrate, it was Harry's phone. I look over to see the text message. Harry always checks my phone so I thought it was okay to check his quickly.

Text message from: Alix.

"Hey babe, I miss you. When are we going to meet again?"

What?! Harry's cheating on me?! Why? I can't believe this! Tears came down my eyes. I started crying so much. Liam looks at me with a shocked face.

"Love, why are you crying?!" He questions me worriedly.

The rest of the boys looked back at me, shocked as well. I didn't  know what to say anymore. I was too heart brokened. Inside I felt pain and sadness. I couldn't talk at all. Liam looks down at my hand, and he sees me holding Harry's phone. He takes it away and starts reading, he looks worried and pretty disappointed. He looks back up as Harry walks in. Harry freezes at the door and looks at all of us with a confused look. Liam was mad, he throws the phone at Harry.

"Ouch! What was th-"

"You're cheating on your girl?!" Zayn asked screaming loudly at him, as he cuts Harry off.

"W-wha-?! No! Why?" Harry studders looking really confused.

Harry looks at me, he can see the tears falling down from my eyes. I tried to hold the tears in, but they kept falling. You can tell that Harry was about to cry too. He walks out of the room silently.

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