A girl named Janela NEVER really like One Direction. She promised she wouldn't fall for any of them. But, sometimes promises are just meant to be broken. How do the boys feel about her?


8. Never cut again.

"Hey, Love, are you okay? Please don't cry, we're here for you." Niall said as he started stroking my back and hair.

"Just please, go away. I need some alone time." I said.

The boys left the room and I was all alone. I was crying my heart out. I couldn't believe Harry was cheating on me, and we were only dating for two days. Everything was in my head, all the memories, problems, the text, everything. Harry wasn't off my mind. I tried to forget but they were stuck inside my head. I felt weak, not knowing what to do. I really loved him, but he decided to ruin this relationship. I started thinking about other things. Suicide. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I stood there and suddenly, Harry walked out and saw me. His eyes were wide open.

"What are you doing, babe?! Please don't do this. I love you too much! Please don't leave me!" Harry screamed in shock.

The boys ran over, and I started to cut. "1...2...3...4.." I counted the cuts. I sobbed loudly. Liam ran over and grabbed the knife out of my hand. I let go of it because I started to feel light headed. Next thing I know is that, I blacked out. I can feel the blood rushing down my arm. I can hear Liam screaming, "Call the paramedics, we need to take her to the hospital!" Everything was blurry. I suddenly saw a lady rushing me into a very bright room. I woke up and the boys saw me open my eyes. They all rushed over.

"W-where is H-ha-harry?" I questioned tiredly.

"Thank goodness you're alive! Harry is at your house. He didn't want to see you in pain. He said it was all his fault you cut and that you're in so much pain." Louis said.

I nodded; I still felt light headed. The doctor came in and said I was good to go home. But, she also said to never cut because I lost a lot of blood and I might not make it next time.

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