A girl named Janela NEVER really like One Direction. She promised she wouldn't fall for any of them. But, sometimes promises are just meant to be broken. How do the boys feel about her?


6. I Love Him.

Harry and I were finally alone in the room. He sat down on the bed and I sat in his lap. I turned on the T.V.  and looked for something to watch. Harry grabbed the remote out of my hands and kissed me on the cheek. He was laying down and he pulled me next to him.I never thought the boys would be that bad. I loved Harry, a lot and I guess he loved me too.

"You are beautiful, love." Harry politely complimented. 

"Thanks. Hazz, I love you." I thanked and said shyly. 

He blushed and laughed a bit. He looked at me in my dark brown eyes. I look back at him into is emerald green eyes. I leaned to kiss him. When his soft pink lips touched mine, the kiss turned into French kissing! His tongue met mine. At that moment, Liam walks in the room and gasps. He calls the other boys and they all come running into the room. Harry and I stopped kissing and we just looked at each other. Niall was in shock, you can tell. His jaw dropped wide open and he was just laughing and smiling. The rest of the boys followed him and they all started to laugh.

Louis chuckles and clears his throat. "Ahem, what were you guys doing?" he says shakily trying to hold in the laugh.

"You're an idiot, Louis." I said harshly. I glared at him for a while.

"Sorry, Janela. We love you!" The boys shouted.

"B-B-But, Janela. Is. Mine!" Harry protested.

"It's okay, Hazz. I love you too." I whispered softly into his ear, making him smile.


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