A girl named Janela NEVER really like One Direction. She promised she wouldn't fall for any of them. But, sometimes promises are just meant to be broken. How do the boys feel about her?


2. Falling for him.

As I was watching Toy Story, Harry started scooting closer to me. I was acting like I didn't notice, because I THINK I LIKE HARRY STYLES!  No I can't I promised I wouldn't like any of them. He got closer and so did I. He look at me and smiles. I smile back at him. He became close enough for me to kiss him. The movie ended and the boys were asleep on the floor. Except, Harry who was still looking at me. I wake the boys up and Louis ordered pizza. By the time the pizza came we sat on the floor.

"What should we do now, boys?" I questioned.

"Let's play truth or dare!" Zayn requested.

"Liam truth or dare?" Zayn asked looking directly at him.

"Dare." Liam replied in his deep British voice.

"I dare you to wrestle me." Zayn said.

"You're on, pretty boy!" Liam shouted.

The two boys wrestled while the four of us, Niall, Louis, Harry, and I continue the game. 

"Harry! Truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Dare!" Harry responded to Louis' question.

"I  dare you to kiss, Janela!" Louis hollered.

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