Once In a Life Time

Mallory met Ben on vacation in the Bahamas, to find out that he lives down the street from her. Find out what happends in Once In a Life Time.


1. Paradise? I Think Not

There I was laying on a beach in the Bahamas, the sun was shining, it was an amazing temperature outside. Not too humid, but perfect enough that you don't need a jacket. I decide to treat my self with an ice cream. I sat up, my long blonde curly hair (looks like straight hair curled) falling down my back. My tan skin brushed up agianst the sand as I did so. My green eyes were scaning the beach for an ice cream vender. Finally I spot one. I was wearing light pink short shots, and a flowly flower tanktop. I look around me it was so beautiful. I look up into the sky and saw one small rain cloud, I ignore it thinking it ment nothing. As I reach the vender I decide what I want, "Villana ice cream, one scoop, cone please" I say as I reach into my pockets for money. I see a guy coming up to walking up to me, he also has tan skin, but he has bright blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Dang was he attractive.

"It's on me" he says winking at me. I blush

"No, please" I begin "You don't have too" 

"You're right" he says "I want too" he finishes handing the vender the money.

The vender hands me my ice cream, I smile and say thanks. We both start to walk together on the beach. He stops and I do the same.

"I don't think we fully met" he says

"Mallory" I say giggling holding out my hand

"Ben" he replys also laughing.

"What brings you to the Bahamas?" I ask trying to make a conversation.

"Well, I'm away from home because the hole citys power is out, and they preticted it would be out for 3months and so, I thought, What a perfect time for a vacation."

"No way!" I exclaim, that's the same reason I'm here too!" I say, starting to walking agian. "I'm from a small town called (Making this city up) Boardwalk, Michigan.

"I live there too!" he says "Do you happen to live on (also made up street) City Street?" he asks.

"Yes! I say, I live in the yellow house" I say, still not beliving whats going on.

"I know what house you're talking about! I live in the small white house down the street"

"No way!" I laugh "What are the odds of this!" I say

"Once In a life time" he replys looking into my eyes once agian. I blush.

We both walk back to where I was sitting before. I lay down and he lays down next to me before we know it, were both sleeping. I woke up to the sound of birds shreaking. Everything was perfect. So I thought. All of a sudden, the winds picked up, and the waves we crasing up on the shore like they just murdered someone. The lifegaurds were telling us to evacuate the beach instantly. I look over and Ben and he was just getting up. Ben looks around and he looks into my eyes, he can tell I'm scared. I stand up and he follows my lead as we make a run for it.

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