The Twins

Fenella and Seraphina are your ordinary girls. They win one direction tickets and make good friends.


1. Winning the tickets

Seraphina's pov

"I can't believe we won!" I said. *Seraphina has long blonde hair blue eyes and is skinny and quite tall and is tan and is seventeen. "I am so excited I can't breath asdfghjkl!" My twin Fenella said." It's like a miracle maybe it was our Christmas present from Santa since we didn't get one" I laughed. "I know right!" Fenella said excitedly.

Fenella's pov

I was overwhelmed by the excitement. *Fenella has long dirty blonder hair chocolate brown eyes and is tan and is skinny and tall (taller than Seraphina) and is seventeen (13 minutes older than Seraphina) "We should tell Pariss because we are aloud to take someone else and we should take her!" "Omg we so should we have to I'll call her!" "Yes!" Said Seraphina. I called Pariss.
Pariss: Hey!
Nellie (short for fenella): Hey Pariss do you want to come to a one direction your with us cause we won the competition!
Pariss: Omg yes!! I will go ask my mum.
Nellie: Ok
Pariss: Yes I'm aloud to!
Nellie: Yay you better get packing cause we leave tonight at nine!
Pariss: Ok bye!
Nellie: Bye!

I ended the call an Sera said "So what's the news?" "She's aloud!" "Omg yes!"
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