Summer love

If there is two things Abby Bell hates the most, it's trips to the beach, and relationships. The memories of her past haunt her everyday, bringing shame and fear to her life. But everything changes when she meets a certain blonde lifeguard who is at first glance full of himself. But will Abby find somewhere in her broken heart to give love a second chance?


1. The beach.

Great. Another trip to the beach, for the whole summer?
I hate these dumb beach trips, because I don't know anyone in New Jersey so all I ever have to do is spend time at the beach with family, for the whole summer.

I finished packing, and pulled my long,
Wavy red/blonde hair into a pony tail. I applied some mascara to my blue eyes and pulled on some abercrombie jeans and a white sweater. 
I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked downstairs. 
" Is everyone ready?" said my dad. 
" yes," said my mom, seeing that me, my older sister and younger brother were all sitting in the living room packed and ready to go. 
"well let's go then!" said dad. And with that, we grabbed our bags, piled into the car and set off for Brigington, New Jersey. 

* a two hour car ride later

When we arrived it was about midday. We checked into our hotel and to my delight(sarcasm), everyone wanted to go over to the beach. So we dressed in bathing suits and wandered over to the beach. 

The beach was crowded. I set up my towel and decided to go into the ocean to cool off. I slowly walked to the surf and before I touched the water I took my hair down, and let it blow away from me in the wind. And with that, I wandered into the closest wave and dove under. 

I closed my eyes as the rolling water over took me. I let my hair float around me as water lazily rocked me back and forth.
The water was the one thing I loved so much about these beach trips. 
The way it takes you, slips through your fingers and toes and soothes your skin. 
My body lazily reminded me to breathe and I slowly found my way to the surface. 

After awhile I decided to return to my towel. But to my surprise I tripped and fell flat on my face.

" hey!" someone said. I heard footsteps running towards me. 
" hey, are you alright?"
Someone grabbed my arm and I looked to see who it was.
It was the beach lifeguard. He was quite handsome, he had curly brown hair and bright green eyes. 
He smiled. 
I laughed. " Im fine."
He helped me to my feet.
" I'm Harry," he said. 
I felt a sharp pain touch me and I looked down.
" what's wrong?" Harry said with concern.
" silly really," I chuckled. " I used to have a dog named harry, but he died."
I expected him to laugh, but he just stared at me.
" I'm sorry."
I laughed.
" it's ok."
He smiled.
" so what do they call you?"
I smiled.
" Abby."
His eyebrows suddenly narrowed.
" what?" i said.
" you've got a cut on your forehead," he said.
I felt my forehead, and sure enough I felt the sharp sting of a fresh cut when I touched it. 
" let me take you back to the warehouse to patch you up."
I laughed. " alright."

Harry lead me to a small hut/room where a radio was going and I could here other boys' voices.
" just take a seat here," he said. " Niall, wheres the first-aid kit?"
There was a door frame at the end of the room, which a boy walked through. He was about as tall as Harry, and just as handsome. He had hair as blonde as the sand and his eyes were like the sea after a storm. 
" why?" he said. " whos hurt-"
Then he saw me, and i swear his eyes sort of widened.
harry laughed.
" Abby this is my mate Niall. Niall, this is Abby."
He kept looking at me.
" do you know eachother?"
" not really," Harry laughed. " we met when she face planted."
I turned to him.
" hey!" i said. " it wasn't my fault!"
But they were both cracking up.
Suddenly there was some commotion on the beach.
Harry sighed.
" jesus christ. I'll handle it, can you fix her Niall?"
 " no prob Hazza," said the blonde boy. My heart started to beat faster.
" thanks Ni," he said, and jogged off towards the beach.
I sat and watched as Niall grabbed a washcloth, Alchohol and a big band-aid. He neeled down by me and took a look at my cut.
" you got banged up a bit huh Abby," he said as he washed some of the blood away with the washcloth. 
" I guess," I chuckled. He smiled and focused on the cut. I felt more comfortable now. 
I looked at his eyes. Wow, they were so blue. I could see myself reflecting back in them. 
I studied his features. His nose was perfectly placed on his face, and he had nice and pink baby lips. 
But his teeth were crooked. Perfectly and irrisistibly crooked.

He looked back at me, and stared at me for a moment, then smiled.
" All better," he murmured.
I smiled and felt my eyes glow. 
" thank you." 

And as I walked back to the beach I felt his eyes on me.
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