Ms. Fancy Pants

Bow is not your everyday, normal, average girl. Her father is the owner of a model agency who is pretty high up in status, bringing in good pay. Bow gets everything she wants, be it clothes, the latest gadgets, jewelry, anything she wants. You could say her life is perfect, but really it isn't. Bow's mother died giving birth to Bow so her father married some random lady years after. Ever since the day she gained a stepmother, Bow has always hated her life. She always had anger problems, and always had tantrums, but they got worse and she started hating everyone and almost everything. Bow now uses her father's status to her advantage, but is never happy with her life. But will that all change when a certain boy band becomes her father's new clients? What will happen when one of the boys walks into her life and turns her whole world around?

((More suitable for more mature people))


13. Unexpected Welcome and Jealousy


I woke up in a small room, Nanny next to me, sound asleep. I smiled, remembering the night before. We landed in Heathrow the night before and were driven to this small cozy house my father owned. Only Nanny, my father, some body guards, and I were staying in it. It only had two bedrooms so I decided to share my room with Nanny. There was only a king sized bed, two nightstands, a flat screen in front of the bed, a small bathroom, and a closet in our small room.We hung up some clothes and went straight to bed, a bit jet-lagged.

None of the boys had come to see me, only because I had told Niall that I knew I would be tired, but they were coming to see me today. Well, I knew Niall was, for sure.

I slowly rolled out of bed, carefully, so I didn't wake Nanny up. My phone had changed it's time and it said 6:42 AM. I was up early. I walked into the small bathroom to do my business. I decided to also take a quick shower so I grabbed my Batman shirt and some thick black leggings and went back into the bathroom.

I was out about am hour later, dressed and ready to spend the day with Niall. I grabbed my black, knit beanie so that all I was wearing was black and then the gold-yellow from the Batman logo. I slipped on my sparkly gold heels and did my usual make up. My hair was down, I left it to its naturally straight waves. Satisfied with how I looked, I went to the kitchen to grab some food. Nanny was in there, holding a plate of blueberry pancakes out for me. I thanked her and hungrily gobbled them up. She laughed at me as I placed the empty plate into the sink. 

I skipped to my room, happily, just  to grab my phone. There was a missed call from Niall. I called him up and he answered with a, "Hello Bow." 

"Hey Niall-iall-iall," I giggled. I could not control my excitement. I was such a happy camper at the moment. What did Nanny put in those pancakes...

"You sound happy," his Irish accent made me shiver. Okay, that was weird. I could feel myself blush. Why was I blushing? "Anyways, I am almost at your place, wait outside for me." I smiled, a bit confused. I didn't know Niall could drive. He had mentioned once that he didn't have his license yet. Maybe he was walking. Aw man, I wad wearing heels.

"Okay, I'll see you soon," I hung up and walked to the front door of the house. "I'm leaving! Call me or text me if you need me! I'll be with Niall!" I heard Nanny respond with an 'okay' and a 'I'm sleeping' came from my father's room. I let out a small laugh and rolled my eyes.

A laugh escaped from my throat when I saw Niall come up to the driveway on a green electric scooter. It was kind of slow and I wondered how long it took him to get to the house. "Nice ride Niall," I joked, getting a small laugh out of him. "I totally dig guys with green scooters." He wiggled his eyebrows and handed me a green helmet. 

"Oh, that's just dandy," he joked back. I placed the helmet  on my head and fasted the buckle. Then I looked at him, wondering if I was just supposed to wrap my arms around his waist or wait for him to tell me what to do. "Well come one, hold on tight. This actually goes pretty fast." I smiled and stood behind him on the scooter, wrapping my arms around his torso. 

He wasn't kidding that it was fast. "I think I died," I stated jokingly in a mono-toned voice when we got off. He laughed and walked me to the front of what looked like an apartment. But when we walked inside, it was different. It was an apartment, but it looked like it belonged just to the boys. The bottom floor was like a lobby, but the doors were not the see through glass one's you would normally see. No, we walked through a strong, wood door. There was only three floors, and then a basement/garage underneath the lobby. The first floor was the lobby, there was vending machines and sofas everywhere. The second floor was a huge living room, with an open kitchen. It looked like someone tore the walls down and made the whole second floor an open area. The third floor, looked like an apartment complex. There were 10 rooms. Niall explained that each boy that their own apartments, the band behind their band had their own apartments (kind of, they shared), the bodyguards got an apartment just for when they were needed sometimes, and then there was an apartment for Simon for whenever he wanted to visit. 

Niall led me to to his apartment, which had an 'N' on the door. I walked in a smiled. It was a really plain apartment. there was a small living room with a small kitchen next to it, no wall separating them. The walls were white, but had decorations of his favorite soccer team on it, and family photos, and even an Irish flag was sprawled across one of the walls. There was just two sofas and a TV in his living room, and then a small glass table off to the side with two chairs. I'm guessing he had it so he could eat by himself in his own home from time to time. Then there was only a bathroom and his room. The bathroom was actually quite big. It had a shower tub, a toilet, and a wide sink, and the walls were painted a nice steel blue color.His room was a decent size, not super big, but it seemed comfy. He only had a kind sized bed and a desk in his room. The walls were a nice light green color, and his bed was white. Because all the furniture was white, and the walls were colored, it kind of reminded me of my room. There was a small walk-in closet and a night stand by his bed.

"Sorry about the mess," Niall said, picking up a few articles of clothing from his bed. He was blushing. How adorable. Wait... what? No, I didn't like Niall like that. He was like a brother to me. Actually, he totally reminded me of my brother.

"No worries, my room can get messy too," I said kindly. I watched him sit on his bed, his feet dangling off the end. He looked at me and patted the spot next to him. I smiled and copied his actions. I was staring up at the white ceiling with him. "Wow... This is boring... Got any video games?"

"Of course!" Niall said, jumping up. I laughed and got up, following him out of his apartment. "We have Black Ops, we have Fifa...." He was rambling on about the games he had.

"Let's play Black Ops," I said. Stacy's younger brother, who was pretty cool, taught me how to play. I sucked, but I enjoyed playing it.

"Alright," Niall said, leading me to that huge living room we passed by earlier. "Sit here while I set it up." I sat on one of the sofas and he handed me a controller. He turned on the PS3 before sitting down next to me. "I have to warn you, I'm pretty good at this game."

"Go easy on me!" I cried. He let out a small chuckle. His laugh was contagious and I laughed with him.

Niall beat me nine out of ten games, before I finally beat him once. "Finally!" Niall joked. I pretended to be offended and lightly slapped his arm. He let out a small chuckle and smacked me back, but it was stronger then my hit. Within seconds we were swatting at each other, but then our small swatting fight turned into a small wrestling match.

I don't remember exactly how we got to the position, but i was lying down on my back, on the sofa, Niall hovered over me, his legs on either side of me. We kind of stopped struggling, and stayed like that, breathing hard. Our heads shot up to someone clearing their throat. In front of the TV stood Harry, looking... jealous? But wait, who was that girl behind him? I hated to admit it, but a super hot blondie was standing behind him, holding his hand. I didn't know why, but something inside me burned and I had an urge to smack her away from Harry.

"What are you guys doing?" Harry asked calmly, but he sounded angry. The girl placed a hand on his shoulder, giving me a dirty look. 

"What? No 'Welcome to England, Bow'?" I nervously put out there, trying to break the tension, but neither Niall or I moved. Our fingers had been intertwined, and I squeezed his hands a bit. He turned his head to me, but then looked back at Harry quickly. 

"Oh so this is the famous Bow! Hello dear, I'm Kendra," the blond stated.

"That's not the point, what were you to doing?" Harry said before I could answer Kendra. He gave her a look that I didn't quite see, before looking into my eyes. I could see how his eyes changed, their usual glow disappearing. 

"What does it look like we're doing?" I blurted out. I was getting a bit ticked off. Clearly I was wrong that he liked me, Kendra must have been his girlfriend. I shouldn't have starting liking him with out knowing if he was single or not.  And why did he care so much?

"I told you not to mess with my friends," Harry stated, his angry showed in his voice. I felt my face heat up, I was enraged. 

"I can't believe you Ha-" I practically started screaming, but Niall abrubtly stood up from me and gave Harry a deadly stare. 

"She's not messing with me, Harry," Niall said, defensively. Still angry, and unable to even look at the boys anymore, I sat up. "And why does it matter? Seeing how you have a girlfriend now." The way he said that last word, made me look up at Niall, surprised. It sounded like he didn't like her.

"It- I..." Harry stuttered. He looked a bit lost, sad, and confused. I had the urge to hug him, but didn't dare to let myself.

"Harry, clearly Niall and Bow have a thing for each other," Kendra cooed, trying to make what she said sound adorable. 

"I told you not to mess with my mates!" Harry snapped angrily at me. I jumped a bit, scared of his sudden action. 

"She isn't messing with me okay!" Niall shouted at Harry. That reaction puzzled me. Niall looked like he was getting ticked off. "And maybe she is my girlfriend! But why does it matter to you?!?" 

The room got dead quiet. I froze at his words. There was so much tension in the room that it got awkward. Niall was heaving his breath in and out, his face red with anger. I reached over and took hold of his hand, trying to get him to relax. When Harry saw my hand against Niall's, he stormed off upstairs, Kendra following behind him. Niall plopped down beside me on the sofa, covering his face with his hands.

"N-Niall?" I said in a soft voice, almost like a whisper.

"I'm sorry... I just..." he sighed. He removed his hands and should me his sad eyes. I gave him a sad smile. "I just... I'm sorry about what I said... I know you like Harry so-"

"Wait what?" I said, shocked that I might have been found out.

"Yeah, Bow, I'm like your best friend, I know these things," Niall said with a small smile. Then it turned into a small frown. "I'm sorry I said that though... I wouldn't mind if you were my girlfriend, I just don't think I could think of you as anything but a sister... And I mean Harry obviously likes you back-"

"What are you saying?" I snapped. "He has a girlfriend, clearly he doesn't like me..." I couldn't stop the butterflies in my stomach though. Knowing that Harry liked me was ... a good feeling. 

Niall leaned closer to me and started to whisper. "No, he likes you, I know he does. He told me on our flight home. But this Kendra girl has me doubting their relationship. He met her in a club, I'm sure he doesn't know her." I was trying to process the information as he stopped and glanced at the stairs. I took a glance too, but no one was there. He continued. "So I have a plan... It's stupid and I should have asked you first... But this Kendra girl is fishy, and I don't want her near Harry, so I want us to... pretend... you know...."

"You want us to pretend like we're dating, so can get something out of them?" I asked, a bit confused. "How is that supposed to work?"

"No, we can't get anything out of Kendra, we would need to have Harry snap, and that means seeing you with someone that isn't him," Niall said with a wink. I roll my eyes at him, but the butterflies flutter again. "So we would just pretend... Nothing serious either, I don't want to make you fall madly in love with me then break your heart." We both share a laugh.

"I still don't see how this is going to work!" I said through laughs.

"It will Ms. Fancy Pants, it will," Niall said, smiling.

There was a mysterious twinkle in his eye and I had to smile. This was going to be interesting.


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