Ms. Fancy Pants

Bow is not your everyday, normal, average girl. Her father is the owner of a model agency who is pretty high up in status, bringing in good pay. Bow gets everything she wants, be it clothes, the latest gadgets, jewelry, anything she wants. You could say her life is perfect, but really it isn't. Bow's mother died giving birth to Bow so her father married some random lady years after. Ever since the day she gained a stepmother, Bow has always hated her life. She always had anger problems, and always had tantrums, but they got worse and she started hating everyone and almost everything. Bow now uses her father's status to her advantage, but is never happy with her life. But will that all change when a certain boy band becomes her father's new clients? What will happen when one of the boys walks into her life and turns her whole world around?

((More suitable for more mature people))


19. Too Drunk and Lost It



He laid his body on top of mine and I could barely understand him as he whispered about putting on a condom and how it would only hurt a bit. I thought I had sobered up a bit, but I guess I hadn't. Everything was hazy to me, and I didn't feel like I was conscious of everything around me. All I knew was that it was dark, or the room we were in was pretty dark. I think I was on a bed, whatever I was laying on was soft and cushion like. I could make out Harry's features and I noticed he was naked. I was naked. Oh my... When he said it my hurt he must have meant...

I didn't even get myself prepared for the slight pain I felt as he slowly entered me, making me grasp at the sheets beneath me and arch my back a bit. It wasn't extremely painful, but it wasn't comfortable that's for sure. I could hear him whispering out apologies and that I would be okay in a little bit, the pain would go away. And he was right.

That pain went away and was replaced by pleasure. He was slowly pulling in and out of me, making me moan with pleasure. Slowly, my arms wrapped around his neck as his stayed on either side of me, keeping him up. His lips were against my ears, letting me hear his vulnerable moans that turned me on. But within seconds, they were on my lips and our tongues were going at each other. 

Then suddenly, I had this weird feeling. I had never had it before. It wasn't a bad feeling, more of a really good feeling. Like I was going to explode and it was going to feel good. "H-Harry..." I whimpered. 

"I'm going to cum babe... Bow..." he breathed into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. All of a sudden he started speeding up the pace and was thrusting in and out of me. My body reacted be thrusting back at him. He was going to drive me crazy!

"Harry... Harry... Harry!" I called out as he moaned my name. And then we came, together.

He tiredly collapsed onto me, not pulling out yet, so I could still feel him twitching inside me. We were breathing hard and panting like crazy. 

"That was great, love," Harry whispered to me. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before pulling out of me and rolling off of me, to my side. 

"That was fucking awesome," I said bluntly, the alcohol making me cuss. "Is that what sex is like? I think I need to do that more often..."

"You're so adorable, Bow," Harry chuckled to himself, causing me to smile.

"Thanks... Maybe I can have Niall fuck me... See what other guys are like you know..." I laughed, starting to feel myself begin to sober up a bit. For real this time.

Oh no... What I had just said?

Harry looked at me with a look of jealousy. "Niall? So you like Niall?" he asked, moving onto his side so he could look down at me. 

"Well yeah, he's my best friend... I just meant I wanted to see if there was anyone who did it better," I said. Oh my goodness, I was going to have all these boys keep alcohol away from me. 

"So, are you saying I'm not good enough?" Harry asked, sounding a bit ticked off. He looked angry. More angry than the time I straightened his hair.

"N-No, I-I-I just... I... I didn't mean that..." I stuttered. He was scaring me a bit. Tears filled my eyes and I began to cry. 

"H-Hey..." Harry said, sounding guilty that he made me cry. I couldn't really see him because it was dark and the tears were blurring up my eyes. I felt his strong arms wrap around me and pull me close to him. "It's okay, don't cry."

"I'm sorry..." I whimpered into his chest as I kept crying. "I said something wrong and now you probably hate me..."

"Hey, you're drunk, it's okay, you didn't mean it," Harry said. I sobbed even harder into his chest He tried to calm me down by rubbing my back, which was quite soothing.

"No, I'm such an idiot," I said, I had stopped crying but had the hiccups. "I'm so stupid... I'm sorry..."

"Hey, don't say that about yourself, love," he whispered into my ear as he held me tighter. It got quiet for a moment as we just lay there. I wrapped my arms around him, feeling a bit tired.

"I love you..." I whispered softly.

"I love you too..." he whispered back, giving me a kiss on my forehead.




I woke up with a slight hangover and just laid in the bed I was in, looking up at the ceiling. I stared at it for a long time before my headache went away. Since I drank a lot before, my body had become accustomed to alcohol. Usually, I wouldn't get a hangover, but since I hadn't drank in a long time, I had a small one. I turned over onto my side and my eyes widened. Harry's sleeping, angel face was right in front of me. I looked around, trying to remember what had happened the night before. I was naked, and he was naked... so... I panicked a bit, but then everything hit me and I remembered it all. It was a bit hazy of a memory, but I remembered it. I groaned and face palmed, remembering how I had said I should ask Niall to have sex with me. I also remembered that he let me have the beer in the first place. I was going to murder him. 

"Bow?" Harry's raspy voice rang out. I melted a bit. So fucking sexy. I looked over at him with a tired glare. "Wha-What's the matter?"

"You took advantage of me you bastard," I spat at him. It wasn't true, I just wish I wasn't drunk so I could have enjoyed the first time I ever had sex. "That was my first time you prick." I was also feeling like a bitch.

"Uh...I uh... I'm sorry," Harry said, looking ashamed and totally broken. I felt bad. I leaned over his naked body kissed his lips.

"No, it's okay, just wish I wasn't drunk," I blushed with a smirk. A smile broke out on his face and he sat up.

"Knock, knock!" I could hear Niall's voice on the other side of the door. "Are you two awake?" He was slowly opening the door, and I knew I had to stop him.

"And naked," I said blurted out. The door stopped but I decided to tease him and say, "Want to see?"

"Bow," Harry groaned softly. 

"N-N-No!" Niall stuttered, causing me to let out a laugh while Harry rolled his eyes. "I just wanted to talk to you for a bit, Bow."

I sat there, for a second, not caring that the covers had slipped off my body. "Can we talk later?" I asked softly.

"If I give you half an hour, is that enough time?" Niall asked back.

"Yeah, that should be fine," I stated. Niall closed the door and I could hear his footsteps as he walked away. Then I felt the bed move a bit and turned my head to see Harry's face just an inch or two away from mine. I let out a small laugh. "So much for not doing anything, huh Nerd?," I muttered, making him let out a laugh.

"Yep," he replied simply. Before I could say anything else, he practically attacked my lips with his. I was surprised at first, but then my body relaxed and my hand flew up to his hair as I twirled some of his locks with my fingers. He pushed against me, making me collapse onto the bed and having him collapse on top of me. 

Now this would have been okay, this would have been just making out, but the fact that we were naked took it to a whole new sexual level. I could feel his member stiffening as he rubbed it against me, making me release a gasp. I gave him a smile which he returned, before I playfully pushed him off me and ran for the bathroom. 

"Oi! Bookworm!" he called out as I locked the door. I was laughing my head off before I looked into the mirror and scowled. My hair was a mess and my face looked naked. 

I tried not to let my appearance bother me as I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over my body, relaxing my muscles. 

After I rinsed my body and washed my hair, I stood there as the water hit me and remembered my plan. It was the plan to get rid of Kendra. I knew that was why Niall wanted to talk to me, and I needed to tell him exactly what was going to happen and how.

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