Ms. Fancy Pants

Bow is not your everyday, normal, average girl. Her father is the owner of a model agency who is pretty high up in status, bringing in good pay. Bow gets everything she wants, be it clothes, the latest gadgets, jewelry, anything she wants. You could say her life is perfect, but really it isn't. Bow's mother died giving birth to Bow so her father married some random lady years after. Ever since the day she gained a stepmother, Bow has always hated her life. She always had anger problems, and always had tantrums, but they got worse and she started hating everyone and almost everything. Bow now uses her father's status to her advantage, but is never happy with her life. But will that all change when a certain boy band becomes her father's new clients? What will happen when one of the boys walks into her life and turns her whole world around?

((More suitable for more mature people))


22. Happy Reunion, Sad Reunion

Bow's POV

"Aw Bow, cheer up!" my father's voice rang out. A month. It had been a month since Harry and I came back home to see my father who had fallen ill because of a heart attack. Harry wasn't here now, only because the boys had already booked many sold out shows, and he was practically dragged onto a plane back to England. That was fine for me though, since he said he would definitely be back.


"Cheer up!?! Daddy you had a fucking heart attack and you are telling me to cheer up?!?" I practically screamed at my father who was smiling at me from his bed, letting out a small chuckle. Even though the heart attack was minor, it was due to stress. The old man had been working his ass of and got himself stressed out.


"Now Bow, I'm sorry, but that language is not necessary," my father pouted. Is it okay to punch your own father for acting like a kid. "Oh! I have some exciting news! Erik is coming to visit!"


My face paled and my body went cold. Erik? My father was talking about Erik? Since when did my father do that? "What?" I asked.


"Bow... While you were gone... I talked with him... I hope he doesn't forgive me for being the worst father just yet, but I'm trying... Plus I want to meet my grandson," my father said softly. Grandson? Erik had a kid? Did he ever tell me? I couldn't remember...


"W-When..." I was asking, until the sound of our doorbell cut me off.


"That should be him now!" I turned towards the door and walked out of it slowly. I made my way downstairs, feeling like I was in a haze. My brother? My brother was here? My brother, Erik? He was here?


Standing in front of me, several feet away, was a dashing and somewhat, but not entirely familiar man. His hair was a golden brown, his height was higher than Harry's, he seemed so muscular yet toned, and then there were his eyes. The golden brown like mine. 


"Erik?" I called out softly, not entirely trusting my voice. The man looked at me and there was a gleam of... happiness? regret? sadness? in his eyes. In his arms there was a baby, who couldn't be older than half a year, nestled in his arms. The baby was quickly handed to Nanny and the man hesitantly walked over to me. A hand was soon placed on top of my head, making me realize how blurred my vision had become.


"B-Bow..." his deep, yet sweetly melodic voice rang out. My arms wrapped around his torso and my face buried into his chest as I let the sobs escape me. 


It was Erik, it was really him. He was here, I was holding him, he was holding me. "You left us!" I accused. "You left us and never came back once! Never even tried to visit me! Do you know how much that hurts? I was only 8 and you left us! Why weren't you here for me?!? Why!?" I was so upset but at the same time I was thrilled that my brother was even here.


"Because I was blinded by love and our father pushed me away," he answered so calmly. I looked up at him to see a sad smile on his face. He gently wiped away my tears before a loud, but completely adorable cry rang out. We bother turned to look at Nanny who seemed startled by the crying baby in her hand. Erik walked over to her and retrieved the baby, cradling him ever so gently. "Shh, Brayden, it's alright... I'm here..." Something in my chest twinged. This did not seem right. Why did he wear such a long face? 


"Erik... Where is Jessica?" I said softly. His muscles tensed, but relaxed soon after and a stony expression was replaced onto his face.


"She... She died while giving birth..." he said softly, a single tear sliding down his face. "But... it was going to happen... I didn't know until it was too late... She had cancer, and it was at the stage already where she was too weak... and she would not risk any harm to Brayden... And-" I stopped him by hugging him tightly, not ever wanting to let go. Jessica was his everything and he lost her, and he only had his son. He let out a soft chuckle. "Brayden is my everything now."


- - - - -


After hours of catching up and my brother and father actually getting along, after a long apology, I was up in my room with Brayden in my arms, cradling him as he fell asleep. His hair was so yellow and soft like mine. His eyes were a crystal blue like his mother's. His skin was a very light tan. Oh, and he was only five months. 


"Hey," I heard Erik's voice ring out. He walked up from behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders and peeked over my head at his sleeping son. "Wow, you'd be a great mother one day, I can just see it."


"Quit teasing, you goof!" I playfully nudged my brother's stomach with my elbow. I stared down at the baby and smiled. "I missed you Erik."


"I know, I missed you too," he replied softly. "I'm sorry I left." I felt his soft kiss against the top of my head.


Then there was a loud throat clearing, and my head snapped up at the door. My eyes were met with dark green ones. A bright smile lit my face as I hurriedly handed Brayden to his father and dashed over to Harry, hugging him tightly. 


But that's not how he greeted me. Nope. He shoved me away roughly and the pure anger could be heard in his voice as he said, "Who the fuck is this?"






OH SNAP CRACKLE AND POP you all must hate me >_>

anyways sorry for the sucky cliffhanger

and i'll see you in a long time (we all know i take forever to update... sorry!!)


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